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Morecambe meet up

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Byeckerslike Fri 20-Jan-12 11:06:09

Right, i have started the thread... Thats me done! Ha!

I am pretty flexible day/time wise just not around school times


RumpledTitSkin Fri 20-Jan-12 11:37:56

I'm in!! I normally work during the day but there is scope for me to take flexi time if I need it. I also have a lovely babysitter to call on if an evening drink would be more suitable. DH works away during the week but not for much longer, then I'll be MUCH more flexible.

How blind datey is this?! Very exciting.

Just out of interest, your village doesn't start with a B does it?


RalphGnu Fri 20-Jan-12 13:17:55

Hello! I'm in, can make any day or time other than Wednesdays and will probably have to bring my toddler along if it's during the day. Where's best to go?

Byeckerslike Fri 20-Jan-12 13:18:51

It does... Its three words!

grin ive come over all Cilla Black!

Evenings are out for me at the moment, i have 7 month old twins, who are surgically attached to me atm! Which combined with where i live is a total outer! blush

nenevomito Fri 20-Jan-12 13:19:43

I'm in too. I also work during the day, so please ignore the fact I'm on MN right now grin

RumpledTitSkin Fri 20-Jan-12 14:01:41

I knew it! You're not perchance going to the school masked ball are you? I know loads of bls mums but not you....... Yet!

I have an idea. Seeing as days are best for you and one of us can see the bay from work, why don't we meet one lunchtime? Friday would be best for me. smile

Now someone needs to suggest a location.....

nenevomito Fri 20-Jan-12 14:05:42

I can see the bay from work as I'm on top of a hill grin

Byeckerslike Fri 20-Jan-12 14:12:11

Im not going, but was invited, there is a table a lot of my friends are on, but my ds1 is preschool this yr, starts in sept. What a small world! Wouldnt it be funny if we all met and knew each other! Ha!

Thats a good idea, although friday is a bit of a pain, have ds to pick up from preschool at 12, mon, tues, wed or thurs fine though?

Im totally at a loss as to where though, the only place that springs to mind is costa, and i used to work on victoria street!

Byeckerslike Fri 20-Jan-12 14:12:38

Oooh... The plot thickens!

RalphGnu Fri 20-Jan-12 14:40:14

Costa's fine for me, as long as I can get the buggy with its ridiculously oversized wheels in.

Warning: I will look a harassed mess with shit hair.

RumpledTitSkin Fri 20-Jan-12 15:25:58

What about Thursday then? Costa coffee at what, half twelve/oneish?

Babyheave, unless that's too far for you to come? What hill do you work at the top of? I can't think. If Lancaster is easier for you or any of you, I could do that too.

Ralph, I won't have the dcs with me but I always look like a harrassed mess with even shittier hair. Actually, I'll possibly be in my ravishing uniform, may have to sneak into the loos to change!

Byeck, I'm going with a table of friends even though my dcs don't go to that school. I used to go the the toddlers in the pre school hut when I first moved up here. I miss it actually!

RalphGnu Fri 20-Jan-12 16:07:16

That sounds fine to me, but will happily go somewhere else if it doesn't fit in with anyone.

Ooh, I'm nervous now. Dying to see if we know each other. I'm 32 and went to school in Lancaster if that helps... grin

RalphGnu Fri 20-Jan-12 16:10:05

babyheave, do you work at the Castle? Only place I can think of with a hill!

RumpledTitSkin Fri 20-Jan-12 16:41:24

Oh no, let's get this out of the way right now. I am the oldest. I am 39. And haggard.

Only been up here 5 years though so won't know any of you from school.

Ralph, if I was the type to squeee, I'd squeee! <ignores knocking knees>

Byeckerslike Fri 20-Jan-12 17:58:14

Oh bollocks i have ds1s injections next thursday! At 1.15, normally that would be a perfect time though! Could do tues or wed at the same time? or it would have to be the following thurs for me if not?

I am 30 and also went to school in lancaster!

I used to take ds1 to the toddler group, but dont go with the twins, we spend enough time there as ds1 now goes to preschool there. I actually really fancied it but they are all going without partners, and i would like a night out with DH, it doesnt happen often atm! I hope they do it next year as we will both go then.

At that time i should in theory have two sleeping babies so all should be well, but i will still be haggard! grin

nenevomito Fri 20-Jan-12 18:40:59

Not saying where I work as I'm already breaking my cardinal rule of not being too exposed on line - will tell you when I meet in person!!

nenevomito Fri 20-Jan-12 18:42:27

Its easier to meet in Lancaster for me but I need to check which day as I work all over Cumbria so need to make sure its a day I'm about. Awkward I know.

Byeckerslike Fri 20-Jan-12 20:58:47

Lancaster is fine with me, will fit in

RumpledTitSkin Fri 20-Jan-12 21:07:19

Lancaster is ok for me too. What day then babyheave? I will work around you lot. smile

nenevomito Fri 20-Jan-12 22:32:01

yay - I will check my calendar, but may PM you all with the details.

I really hope I didn't go to school with any of you lot simply as I don't want your first thoughts to be "Dear god she's not aged well" grin

BarfAndHeave Fri 27-Jan-12 10:44:25

Hi All - sorry for not getting back to you all about the meet up, but my DD has been v poorly for the last week so have got nothing done! Have I missed it?

Byeckerslike Fri 27-Jan-12 16:07:42

Nope, we havent met up, ive been lost in a world of chaos!

Hope your dd is ok now smile

RumpledTitSkin Fri 27-Jan-12 17:05:16

Sorry she's been poorly, hope she's better now. I'm still game if you lot are!

DreamingOfPeace Sat 04-Feb-12 18:29:58

<peeks in>

hello! I'm another Lancaster mum.

Well, nearer you byeckers if you're bls. Speaking of which, I've 'spoken' to you on a twins thread- I'm 29 weeks pregnant with twins and have a 16 month old DD (v v nearly 17 months). In fact, I've been meaning to harrass you ask you some twin type questions!

anyway, I digress, what I was going to ask when I gate crashed your thread is is there a for sale bit of mn?? and can I join you lot on here sometimes?

Byeckerslike Mon 06-Feb-12 16:31:06

Hi dreaming, thats fine ask away! I am a mine of uselss crap information!

I think there is a for sale section, have you tried the tamba website, they have a good forsale section, there are also (if you use it) lots of facebook for sale groups specifically for twins, i have bought and sold lots of good stuff on there, plus i have loooooads i am going to sell at the bls nearly new in march.

Pm me if you like smile

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