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jksd Sun 15-Jan-12 13:01:51

hi have recently moved to woodford green area on maternity leave with 3 kids under 5! Any punjabi/ Sikh mums or anyone with young kids who wants to meet up socialise. would be great. Am trying to join every club under sun too but being new to area it would be great to meet a bunch of similar mums???

firsttimemum77 Thu 19-Jan-12 14:00:45

Hi ya - i'm not in Woodford Green, but in Ilford, but wanted to say hi anyway.
I have a 4 year old Daughter and its hard enough! How do you do it with 3 under 5!?

I work full time so socialising is problematic for me, however, feel free to inbox me if you want to know anything about the areas around Woodford.

jksd Thu 19-Jan-12 22:59:34

sooo nice to hear from someone. Not sure how i do it, but they are great little kids! everyone says that about their own. I was working nearly fulltime with one 3 yr old, then had twins who are now 3 months! we also moved here from midlands. To add to it all live with MIL- who has hated me from day 1, and is really full on torturing me as blames me for the move here away from her daughters, even though it was her sons job that caused move. sorry to rant, she just kicked off again today for 3 hrs, verbally abusing me. Need to make normal friends so i can get out of house and remind myself i am not the demon she makes me out to be! weekends is good for me too.

firsttimemum77 Mon 23-Jan-12 12:10:34

lol - well if your MIL wanted to be near her daughters she should have stayed in the Midlands! No one put a gun to her head I suppose! Anyway I say ignore her - is she living in your house or are you living in hers? Whats your husband like? Does he support you? Can't he tell his mum to back off? I don't get MIL's like that - she has daughters of her own! How would she like it if their MIL's were evil to them...

Do you have boys or girls / both? feel free to inbox me - more private then putting your whole like story on a public forum.

junsab Mon 23-Jan-12 14:24:16

I'm in the South Woodford area. Been here nearly 4 years and am on maternity leave with 3 month old son at the moment. Not Punjabi or Sikh but happy to meet other asian mums. Not seen that many round these parts! Also happy to msg privately

Your MIL sounds awful btw. Poor you sad

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