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Moving to MK

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Ivegotsunshine Mon 09-Jan-12 14:54:09

hi there smile
thinking of moving to the MK area from South London.
My daughter is 13 months old and her daddy is working in MK since last month.
We are looking to rent a 3 bed house.
What's it like in MK? Is it safe? (had an awful 2011 down here).
What areas would you recommend and what areas would you avoid?
Thanks for your replies smile))

Newmumsy Wed 11-Jan-12 10:15:36

Hi there,

I lived in mk since I was a baby so thats all I knew really I was born in London but was too young to remember any of it. Personally I love Mk I actually live in Bedford now which is about 20 minutes from MK but I still call MK my home town and still go there whenever I need something plus my parents live there my partner works there and my in laws live there so I go there practically everyday only moved to BEdford because we got a lovely apartment for a good price but really I would move back to MK if I could in a heartbeat. Coming from South London you may find it a little weird to start with because it is a lot quieter and not as much to do I guess. My sister lives in South London and that's how she feels but the quality of life I think is better and it is developing really fast and she agrees I think she would move back if she could too as MK is a nice place to bring up children. There are a lot of nurseries and schools as well most of them are pretty good. There is a huge shopping centre and lots of places to eat, we have all of the supermarkets and most of the big brand shops including Costco and there are nice places for children. Property prices and rent prices are cheaper than London but not as cheap as other places for a 3 bedroom on rent you are probably looking at £800 PCM for a decent place in a nice area. I know all of the nice and not so nice areas. I will message you that though because I don't want to offend anyone that may read this. MK is a safe area it is pleasant and yes there have been some bad things that have happened in MK but they have mainly taken place in the bad areas and my opinion is that nowhere is perfect and it is not as bad as places in London. Overall MK is lovely and if you don't mind missing all of the London hustle and bustle I think you would really like it. Hope this helps let me know if I can help anymore of if you need any more info.

GoldenSnitch Sun 22-Jan-12 18:32:33

I moved to MK about 10 years ago after having lived all over the country in various different places and am honestly happy here and would not consider moving.

As long as you avoid some of the dodgier areas MK feels very safe. There's loads to do, lots of open green spaces, a huge choice of schools/preschools/nurseries etc and tonnes for children to do.

I knew next to no-one when I moved here and quickly built up a large group of friends. It was a scary move but one I'm glad I made

LaCiccolina Tue 31-Jan-12 13:36:21

Oh my I was so happy to see this post. We are doing exactly the same thing! We are in Essex now but moving to MK and DH and I have a 13mth girl. I know it slightly through visiting for days out as some family are local that we visit occasionally but I don't know it more than that. I know no one my age there and have no friends to speak of. Its a bit daunting....and I think exciting but Im wavering back and forwards....

Apparently we are considering around tattenhoe environs.... I know the City centre is excellent shops wise. And Ive visited the Hub restaurants and have enjoyed those too.

Did you make friends by joining baby groups/schools etc? Can you recommend any? What are the children's centres like as these are very good where I am now?

howhardcoulditbe Wed 16-May-12 16:37:53

hi there...just wondering how the move has gone?we have to move to MK and am so nervous.keep visiting to check areas out but all i keep hearing is where to avoid...have you found some nice bits/things that will help make moving my babies to a new scary (to me) place?

GoldenSnitch Thu 17-May-12 17:35:20

It's honestly lovely howhard. You tend to hear about the places to avoid as the list of lovely places is much, much longer. Where are you looking at? I'd be happy to help if you have any questions.

howhardcoulditbe Sun 20-May-12 07:32:03

Thanks GoldenSnitch!nice to hear something positive!im telling myself after a few years i may never want to leave hmm I've seen a few houses in bradwell...any opinions?be v grateful!

GoldenSnitch Sun 20-May-12 20:36:11

I don't want to move now. I've lived in lots and lots of place but MK is definitely my favourite.

New Bradwell is nice. Bradwell and Bradwell Common are OK but are bordered by some of the dodgier estates (Hellands, Conniburrow) but they are very close to the city centre which could be handy if you don't have transport. Generally, the further out from the city centre you get, the nicer the estates are and even on the dodgier estates, the closer to the edge you live the nicer the area will be.

howhardcoulditbe Mon 21-May-12 07:56:01

thanks!that's what i thought...I've driven through loads and thought this is nice then turn a corner into a whole different looking place where the only thought was "don't walk through here in the dark!".that's what makes it hard.found perfect house and so close DH wouldn't need car for work etc but id be too afraid to walk to local shop confused!!thanks for your u have any opinion on the redways (i think that's what theyre called) could i walk my bubs along there instead of navigating the roundabouts and make it to the centre safely?many thanks!

zara206y Thu 24-May-12 14:41:14

Hi i have lived here for about 6 yrs, but i also worked for the police for a very short time (not for me) but during that time i learnt lots about areas. I come from a good background so understand the highs and lows i guess. Would avoid Especially Netherfield,Coffee Hall, Eagelstone and areas close by to those. Broughton although a new estate was reknown to have break ins regularly. The places with a little more Umph are Loughton, Medbourne, Tattenhoe etc There are many lovely places in MK but also some very rough joints too but they are tucked away easily. I lived in Bradwell (rented 3 bed semi) which was nice and now live in a very private area in Grange Farm which is also quiet. Great Holm is nice near the lake as is places around Willen Lake it just depends what your after. I would check the local police crime rates and reports to see whats going on before you move. Price here generally reflects area too i think but the best way is get in a car and drive round estates and take notes. Emmerson Valley, Shenley areas can be nice too but all still have little areas not great. I dont want to be too judgemental but i am trying to be honest, some peoples opinions may differ from mine.

redskyatnight Thu 24-May-12 15:25:01

When I moved here I was advised to avoid the estates with "straight line roads".
As you've noticed you will find that even on nicer estates there are not so nice bits. tbh I quite like that, I don't want to live somewhere where it's all the same.

The redways are fine to walk on during the day- in fact it's practically impossible to walk round any other way. Depending on the area (some of the redways are very deserted) you may not want to walk along them at night though.

howhardcoulditbe Thu 24-May-12 18:23:04

Thanks for the advice zara!took a look at a crime rates thing which let you search by estate/street which was great help thanks.
I have visited again redskyatnight and now realise it was bit silly to ask about redways as they look the only way!i must have been so busy lookin at the houses i didn't notice the missing pavements!!i was told never go through subways as its were the drug taking/dealing goes on/general bad people loiter which has freaked me out a bit as there seem to be a lot of subways?!?

GoldenSnitch Thu 24-May-12 20:18:06

The redways reflect the estate you're on I think. I'd be happy to walk through the subways near my house but definitely not the ones in Netherfield/Fishermead etc. The problem is, there is generally nowhere else to cross the grid roads and you don't want to be crossing the road itself as they're all 60/70mph NSL roads so they're dangerous.

mummytobabyboy Fri 30-Nov-12 12:37:05

Hello everyone,
I'm from mk and moved a year ago and in that year i had my baby boy on the 10/11/12. me and my other half was thinking of moving back but not sure if we should or not as his daughter id here and my mum and auntie is here but the rest of my family are in mk as his are too really dont know what to do confused

cupcakekid Tue 04-Dec-12 22:36:43

Oh no, what a nightmare!! We moved from London 7 years ago and for us it was the best thing we ever did. Everything is family orientated, you can go anywhere easily, there are plenty of good schools (primary & secondary) and lots and lots of open green spaces - lush!!
We kind of had other family to consider but not like a child so for us it was easy. We don't plan on moving away anytime soon and I would recommend it for a family friendly place to live. Do let us know what you decide and good luck!

Spamcakes Thu 06-Dec-12 13:04:40

Hi! I moved to MK from London 2.5 years ago. We lived in Bradville for a year (lovely) then moved to Bletchley (less lovely!!).

Does anyone use the Friendship Bench board? I'd like to meet some people & maybe even have a bit of a social life! grin

cupcakekid Thu 06-Dec-12 13:17:22

Hi Spamcakes,

I'm not sure if anyone uses the Friendship Bench yet. Why not post something and see.

We are organising a 'meet up' soon, fancy coming along?? Free drinks and nibbles, should be a giggle!

Spamcakes Sat 08-Dec-12 22:01:29

I have posted there but no joy yet! Yes please, I would love to join a meet-up smile

cupcakekid Mon 10-Dec-12 12:14:06

Oh brilliant!! Can I ask a favour, can you please pop a reply (just a yes) on the meet up thread, hopefully it will entice some more to come out... Hope you are feeling ok.

Spamcakes Tue 11-Dec-12 12:07:21

Ok, is the thread on here?

KatiesStaines Thu 29-Aug-13 12:51:03


We're looking to move to Mk later this year, as we have young children and looking for a more family orientated area and somewhere with good schools and more affordable housing.

How is everyone getting on? and can anyone recommend any baby groups/ toddler groups to meet people with children the same age.
My twins are almost 11 months at the moment.



snonkella Thu 29-Aug-13 15:13:53


We are also planning a move to MK - husband now working for Red Bull in Tilbrook and would like to be able to cycle to work. Looking for recommended areas and any opinions on the 'community' feel really - we are moving from the market town of Thame and would like to live in a safe area that feels more villagey and maybe not a huge estate? Bit concerned that if there is only a parade of shops on an estate to go to, we would end up having to drive everywhere? Son and daughter aged 5 and 4...


snonkella Thu 29-Aug-13 15:14:12


We are also planning a move to MK - husband now working for Red Bull in Tilbrook and would like to be able to cycle to work. Looking for recommended areas and any opinions on the 'community' feel really - we are moving from the market town of Thame and would like to live in a safe area that feels more villagey and maybe not a huge estate? Bit concerned that if there is only a parade of shops on an estate to go to, we would end up having to drive everywhere? Son and daughter aged 5 and 4...


PyjamaDramaAmy Fri 06-Sep-13 17:18:20

Hi Snonkella,

If you're moving to MK, you probably will find that you drive an awful lot more than you do now! With that in mind, it depends how villagey you want. There is Milton Keynes Village itself, Woughton, Woolstone, Bow Brickhill, further out there is Olney (far enough to eliminate cycling to Red Bull).
Broughton is quite new and, while not exactly villagey, has lots of green spaces and some of the best play areas.
Come up for a day and do a grand tour - that's what we did! When you have some areas in mind, pop them up here and I'm sure we'll all let rip ;o)

PyjamaDramaAmy Fri 06-Sep-13 17:21:34

Re toddler groups etc, I would have a look at Toddle About - their listings cover most groups.

The MK Parents and Carers group on Facebook is quite good - I think they have a 'note' full of groups and they normally post if there's anything good going on.

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