Moving to Swansea or Carmarthenshire - recommended areas please

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WildEyedAndHairy Sun 08-Jan-12 23:06:21

We are hoping to move from SW England in the next few months. We visited Swansea for a long weekend in October to get more ideas of areas and we will be doing this again in the next few weeks. Really we need an area with good public transport and/or shops, schools etc within easy walking distance. I think a large village or small town would suit us. We will be renting and have DC aged 5 and 2.

Have been looking on Gumtree/Rightmove and google streetview and I like the look of Loughor/Gorseinon but I think we are more likely to find somewhere affordable somewhere like Clydach. Also wondering if there are any areas best to avoid being English sounding? We lived in Wales for 4 years (near Newport) and to be fair I only had one incident of anti-English sentiment (well to my face anyway grin) and that was when I was temping in Cardiff and the bloke was a twunt for lots of reasons.

The major issue is that DH has a job but is currently on sick leave and is fairly unlikely to be able to go back - if he does then it's not really a commutable distance. So we both need to look for new jobs but I can't see us managing that before living in the area.

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AmandinePoulain Tue 10-Jan-12 18:05:30

Well I'm English and I've lived here for 12 years this year with no problem whatsoever!

LingDiLong Tue 10-Jan-12 22:41:05

Have PM-d you!

WildEyedAndHairy Wed 11-Jan-12 02:30:40

Thank you both smile

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Trixinixi Sat 18-Feb-12 17:06:53

You are better off living to the West of Swansea. Daughter and husband moved here 18mths ago with 3 children. They love it there.

Llareggub Sat 18-Feb-12 17:27:56

There aren't a lot of jobs in Swansea. I strongly advise finding work first, as commuting across the city can be a nightmare. You'll need to chose your areas wisely - some parts of Swansea can be pretty dire. Parts of clydach are not areas I'd choose to live, but some parts are ok and it has a library and shops.

I like Loughor a lot.

jobaby0111 Sat 17-Mar-12 10:12:02

Hi there, I know its a while since you posted but thought I'd answer anyway.... Trixinixi is right, the West of Swansea is great, Gateway to the Gower and all that..... Mumbles is a great location but house prices are really high - however, West Cross is right next door and has much more affordable housing, and if you can get your kids into the Grange School or St Davids even better. Lots of English people in the Mumbles area too. Or close by are areas like Sketty or Killay which are nice, and not far from the sea. You'd have a great lifestyle being close to the beaches and all that goes with it like cafe's and ice cream parlours etc. Don't know much about Clydach although I grew up in Skewen which is very close, it is a very large village with a great main road. There are lots of shops, Cresci's Ice Cream Parlour, a great Chinese takeaway right in the centre, and a lovely junior school called Coedffranc (pronounced Coydfrank). Maybe more English acceptability in areas like the Mumbles/Swansea West than inland? Anyway, rent a house for the time being and get to know the area better? Hope this helps.

adahelenebrodie Sat 06-Jun-20 17:25:32

I am older lady living in Felinfoel snd would love to join a choir or ladies barbershop singing locally ... also a women’s institute as I am English and only lived in wales 6 months . Are there any theatres or local amateur dramatics in my area as I love music and musicals!! Thank you! Ada

adahelenebrodie Sat 06-Jun-20 17:28:30

I also love dancing! when the lockdown is over Id like to also join a dancing class!

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