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Big move?

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finandevansmum Tue 03-Jan-12 20:55:24


Just wondering if anyone had any advice. We are thinking of moving nearer to my husbands work, he works in Kendal (we currently live near Newcastle) We are currently looking in the eden valley around Appleby or Penrith. Just wondering if anyone had any opinions or advice. We are going to look at a house in a village called Bolton, near Appleby. Does anyone know that area? This would be a big move for us as we have two boys who are happy in school, but I do feel a move to a nicer area would be good for us and hopefully DH will be home more and have less travelling. I grew up in a little village and want the same for my boys. I have been looking on the internet at schools etc but just wondered if anyone actually lived int he area or has made a similar move? Thanks for reading

Penrithmum Sat 14-Jan-12 22:58:53


I moved to Penrith around 7 years ago and have loved it ever since, being so close to the Lake District is great and the people are really friendly too.

I have not spent much time in Bolton, however part of my job is to work with community groups, Bolton has great groups and a good community feel. Appleby is much the same. To be honest most of Cumbria is very much like this.

Hope your move goes well.

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