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Feeding the ducks in Durham?

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CharminglyOdd Fri 30-Dec-11 20:02:18

Does anybody know the best place to feed ducks please? I promised DP we could go and feed ducks (long story!) but I haven't seen anywhere - have only seen swans around the bits of the river we walk along and no obvious duck feeding place. We're fairly active and don't mind walking, otherwise I think we'll have to combine it with a trip elsewhere (and, if so, does anyone know the best place to feed ducks locally that can be reached by car)?

Thank you! smile

Geordieminx Fri 30-Dec-11 20:11:04

Park at Chester-le-street?

boohome Sun 15-Jan-12 16:49:55

Hardwick Country Park just outside Sedgefield has lots of ducks whenever we go, and lots of footpaths and benches along the sides of the ponds / small lakes.

It's about 10 miles south of Durham, lots of parking spaces, and they've also got a nice little cafe in the visitor centre.

CharminglyOdd Fri 20-Jan-12 15:25:48

Ooh thank you both smile We tried ClS the first week in January but couldn't see any ducks. One of my BFs is giving birth as I type to her PFB (excited!) so in a month or so we might be allowed to babysit and try Sedgefield smile

StealthPolarBear Fri 20-Jan-12 15:27:21

Whitworth Hall (Spennymoor) has deer and ducks!
Hang on...your D P wants to feed the ducks?

StealthPolarBear Fri 20-Jan-12 15:27:51

hardwick park cafe only takes cash. Just so you know - can get embarrassing blush

Indith Fri 20-Jan-12 18:08:17

When ds was at nursery at Cranmer Hall they used to take them to feed the ducks down by the river, just going down to Prebends and walking along the river.

Mutt Fri 20-Jan-12 18:09:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CharminglyOdd Fri 20-Jan-12 18:22:27

Thank you. Yes DP does want to feed the ducks. It started off as a cheap date (my treat because I'm broke) but he was genuinely upset when we got there and there weren't any ducks hmm

Apparently he can't remember feeding them when small. We did feel a bit out of place and suspicious as we chose a Sunday afternoon and there were loads of families, no couples, where we parked. In the end we strolled in and DP stuffed the bread up his jacket because we were getting funny looks grin

Mutt Fri 20-Jan-12 20:09:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

juneybean Tue 14-Feb-12 13:55:55

If you don't mind driving, Saltwell Park in Gateshead has a lovely big lake with ducks on.

oreocrumbs Tue 14-Feb-12 14:02:47

For our first date I took DP to feed the ducks at Fatfield - James Steel Park, thats lovely and tucked away and peacful, then you can walk down the river.

Now we take DD to feed the ducks at Penshaw - Herrington Country Park, both places are 15 mins drive from Durham city centre, and both always have plenty of ducks smile

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