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rubycon36 Sun 11-Dec-11 18:37:24

I am new to childcare and have just started looking at local nurseries....the one so far that has stood out massively is Piplings in East Dulwich (the Forest Hill one is a bit too far out of my way). The garden space is incredible, the rooms are just beautiful (gorgeous furniture/toys) and the ratio of adults to babies is 1:2. They even have daily outings to the park....are there any other local nurseries that have this kind of set-up and are all the really good nurseries in excess of £74 per day?! I am looking in East Dulwich/Peckham Rye.

bigTillyMincepie Sun 11-Dec-11 18:40:53

Mine went to Mother Goose on Waveney Ave. It was fantastic and they are still friends with the friends they made there, and still talk about / want to visit the staff. They are now 10 and 12smile

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