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Dick Whittington at the Oldham Coliseum.

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nickschick Sun 27-Nov-11 14:24:17

We went last night to the jewel in Oldhams crown,the lovely traditional and familiar coliseum theatre to watch 'Dick Whittington' featuring a cast full of familiar faces, there was as you can expect laughs every minute-the audience was a wide range of ages and people and everyone from my own ds <a bit cool at 11>,the 3yr old sat close by and the elderly man sat nearby had smiles on their faces all the way through....recent pop songs were belted out as part of the show by a cast with extraordinary talents all round ...saucy sarah suet with a twinkle in (his) her eye had us in stitches as did her son Billy suet who wasnt a 'silly billy' he was Captain Billy .. Dick and fairy Failsworth belted out songs like popstars as did the beautiful Alice(Dicks true love),not to forget that dastardly King Rat!! <boo hiss> there were so many laughs and much silliness that in true panto style we laughed 'til our belly ached and truly honestly had such a fantastic evening, a whole 2 and a half hours of festive jolliness and merriment -so good in fact ds3 asked if we could go again.

We were because of my newly aquired Tsarina status given our tickets and Id like to thank Lizzie Carter for her welcome and for a delightful evening .......Xmas is coming folks!!

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