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Schools in the areas just outside of St Albans - moving

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LizXB Tue 22-Nov-11 13:59:11


We are currently living in Highbury but for various reasons we are looking to move and want to consider somewhere outside of St Albans ... have been looking at the areas between St Albans and Watford but need some insider info regarding primary schools. We would look to move in 2012 for the start of the new school year in September and my daughter would be going into Year 3. A Catholic school would be our ideal, but I obviously realise I may not get this. Radlett is too expensive for us, but I like the look of Bricket Wood. Is this a nice area? Do schools in that area tend to be oversubscribed? What is somewhere like London Colney like?

You can see I'm clutching at straws regarding a specific area but I'm not sure where to begin and it all depends on where there is a schools place and that my husband can get the train to central london for work.

Would appreciate any advice.....

With thanks xx

QueenofHerts Tue 22-Nov-11 18:02:07

I think Bricket Wood is nicer than London colney but not sure about primary schools there - I know London Colney has St Bernadettes which is catholic, otherwise I think the catholic primaries are in St albans. Not being catholic I don't know a great deal about them, mind.

At year 3 you'd be needing to think about secondaries but if you have only girls then you'd need to look at Loreto - excellent girls catholic secondary in central st albans. Which would be brilliant as otherwise the secondary choice in either village is v limited

In either place your husband would probably have to drive (and pay a fortune for parking) in st albans I guess

redcarpet Wed 23-Nov-11 16:17:25

If you have been considering London Colney there is also Colney Heath village just near London Colney but much more nicer and less expensive. However these two are still way a back from the likes of Radlett. Radlett is a prime but very nice
area hence the price.

alibubbles Thu 24-Nov-11 15:57:13

I moved from Highbury to St Albans 26 years ago!

London Colney has a catholic primary school, and there is also St Adrians RC, on the edge of St Albans.
Bricket Wood is a bit isolated, it is an odd infill triangle beside the M1, lots of parents try to get their children into Killigrew JMI in Chiswell Green, and secondary can be problematic, unless your child is bright and can take the exam for Parmiters and Watford Grammar. There is St Michaels RC secondary, but I don't know anything about it. People end up with Francis Coombe which is not one of he best.

London Colney has changed a lot, there are not really any bad areas there, some of my nicest clients live there and have a lovely middle terrace house with good size garden. There is a good community spirit, and they still have a library! Plenty of parks, splash pool, tennis court and lovely walks. I don't know what sort of budget you are looking at, but would be happy to send you a local paper.

London Colney for secondary would be the new Samuel Ryder Academy which is going to be 3-18 years, but traditionally as LOndon Colney is the "inner" of the "outer: area, children also go to STAGS Loreto and Verulam. In Colney Heatt there is Nicolas Breakspeare, an RC secondary. I live on the outer of the inner area, neither LC or St A and ended up having to go privately as we didn't get any schools! The drive to the station is 7 minutes or 20 min brisk walk!

I have raised 2 children here, run NCT, been a school governor of 6 schools, from nursery to secondary,( still am) so happy to answer any questions.

Wigeon Thu 08-Dec-11 14:02:23

Have you considered Watford itself? There is at least 1 Catholic primary (think it's called St Catherine's) and at least 1 Catholic secondary (St Michaels) (not actually Catholic so haven't done proper research!). Two "outstanding" primaries (non-Catholic) - Nascot Wood and Knutsford - and several "good".

Property prices waaaay cheaper than St Albans, or Radlett.

Also very quick commute for your DH into London - 20 mins, fast frequent trains from Watford Junction.

Eliza2little Sat 23-Mar-13 11:19:00

Hi Liz, I know it's been a while since your post BUT ...

I have just moved to Bricket Wood area from Islington and wondered if you did move in the end and what you found out re schools? We are in the throws of a daily commute to Islington while I sort out primary school places closer to home.

Any advice?? Thanks.

ColdandLonely Thu 18-Apr-13 16:29:01

London Colney and Colney Heath are very different beasts and I would dispute that the houses are 'nicer' in Colney Heath, there are just fewer of them. London Colney is much bigger and has a decent shopping centre (Sainsburys, M&S, Next etc.) as well as a proper High St. There are a couple of decent pubs that do food and the riverside is lovely. Housing stock is really varied. Its really like a small town. Equal distance to St Albans and Radlett stations. Good road links to M25, M1 and A1

Colney Heath is tiny with one shop and a takeaway, and is basically a couple of council housing estates linked by one road of pretty but expensive cottages, adjacent to a very busy duel carriageway. There is one oversubscribed primary and no secondary.

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