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Wheathampstead/ Redbourn/ Harpenden to live? Advice

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libramumoftwo Sun 13-Nov-11 23:14:15

Hubby, my two boys (ages 4 and 11 mths) are looking at moving to this part of the world and all advice needed. He wants to be near the mainline into London and loves Harpenden. I feel it is just too big as would rather peace, quiet and countryside as well as good schools/ nurseries .. and hence like the idea of the other smaller villages. Would dearly love any honest advice or tips! Have checked out Ofsted and schools in each look pretty good! Hope to move in Dec/ January! Thank you!

monkeyLFDTwench Mon 14-Nov-11 09:55:08

There are some lovely villages around, as well as Wh and Rb you could look at the northern side of Harpenden (Kinsbourne Green) which has a nice villagey feel, or a little further out, such as Markyate or Studham (latter is in Beds though). Just bear in mind that the traffic getting in and out of Harpenden at peak times can be tricky, and you also need to be aware of secondary school catchments unless you're prepared to move again.

HalleLouja Mon 14-Nov-11 20:26:26

Wheathampstead is lovely. I am biased but it is a really nice place to live.

If you live in some parts of Harpenden you may need to drive to the station.

You can also use the Hatfield line to get trains into London which takes about 10 mins to drive to.

libramumoftwo Mon 14-Nov-11 21:43:08

Thanks so much ... advice much appreciated! We plan to take a good drive around there this weekend .... the schools all seem to have good Ofsted figures which is great. As kids are young and we will rent for now, I won't mind moving later on for secondary ... seems so far away! Appreciate your feedback:D

Littleyellowflower Sat 19-Nov-11 12:18:51

We have just moved to St Albans, but we considered Harpenden, Hertford and St Albans areas for the train links. I am happy with our choice - you pay for what you get in the St Albans area, but the surrounding area and the town is great, so much to do for all the family. The train gets busy at St Albans (it's rammed at times) so Harpenden being one stop on is quieter, but we felt St Albans felt more a community and friendly and better train links. Harpenden traffic was busy near the station, but St Albans felt better, more parking etc. (Hertford was also gorgeous but we were forced to dismiss it for the longer London commute which was a shame).

monkeyLFDTwench Sat 19-Nov-11 17:35:59

<waves to fellow St Albans resident littleyellowflower>

Littleyellowflower Mon 21-Nov-11 12:47:04

<waves back to monkeyLFDTwench> grin libramumoftwo did you decide on anything?

DeeDee77 Tue 25-Sep-12 21:30:25

Any new thoughts here? My husband and I are also looking to move to Redbourn or W/H. Its a dilemma for us as to which one is more suitable for a young family.

Any advice would be appreciated.... Thanks in advance.

HalleLouja Wed 26-Sep-12 13:39:01

Both are lovely but am a big fan of Wheathampstead. Its a lovely village with two really good schools. People are friendly and you are a max of 15 minutes away from St Albans, Harpenden and Welwyn GC (and John Lewis). I love living here.

Redbourn is lovely too and my friend who lives there really likes it.

Joeyjesse1 Tue 19-Jan-16 08:21:38

Hi, I am just wondering if anybody knows of local child minders in the wheathampstead area ? Thank you. Jo

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