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Where are you buying your baby bits?

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jenfraggle Tue 25-Oct-11 14:21:04

I am pg with my first and don't really know what I need yet, let alone where to get it. When it comes to the pram/buggy (do I need both?) I'm guessing that you need to be able to try a few to see how easy they are to fold up and push around etc but where would have enough of them there to make a decent decision?

Am I realistically looking at going to Plymouth? I'm in Mid Cornwall btw

CornishTsarina Sun 30-Oct-11 18:51:50

Hi there are quite a few independants around.

Bricknell in Bodmin
Peter Pan in Penryn
Adeba in St Austell

Look for advice on the relevant boards- pushchair topic is fab. Dont just assume mothercare is your only option.

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