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New birth unit in sandwell

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bumptillbubs Sat 22-Oct-11 12:42:05

has anyone been to see it?

Apparently it's there to replace the maternity unit in Sandwell, and has been designed like a spa. I want to go and look around but can't until next week. My friend saw it and said the midwives were lovely and if there are any problems (fingers crossed not) it's only a 3 minute journey to City hosp. I quite like the idea of home from home, in a brand new unit. And apparently you can stay for as short or as long as you want after, and OH can stay in the big double beds.

I can't decide between there and going to russells hall, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

kxj81 Wed 28-Dec-11 17:25:22

hiya I had my baby boy at RHH and I have to admit the service was excellent - really recommend their maternity unit. Went into labor, had 2 midwifes assisting me, really quick response form doctors, after 5 hrs decision was made on emergency c section. Very organised, after surgery you have a whole room for yourself and a baby. The only downside was that partner can`t stay over night (visiting hours for partners 9am - 9pm). However having said that, you have enough support from the midwifes during night, incl. nappy changing, bathing the baby, painkillers,etc and everything within seconds from pressing the button...... really really good. Left the hospital after 48 hours, was driving within 5 days, walking a bit hard at the beginning, but within 7 -10 days was back to normal. Anyway coming back to the main topic - also have heard about the new unit, and is apparently very good but only thing considers me greatly is city hospital. Friend of mine had a c section last month (after 3 days in labor!!!!!!) as well, but completely different story to mine- she had to come back to the hospital three times!!!!! Scar not healing properly when she remove the plaster first time all she saw was a big hole - am guessing some kind of infection. Unfortunately she was not able to spent the first days with her baby properly, but in pain and fear for own life. Please consider all options very carefully and wishing you good luck ;)

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