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Moving to Peterborough

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playthedayaway Wed 19-Oct-11 09:43:13

Hi we are considering a move to Stanground in Peterborough. Can anyone tell me what the area is like? Are there good schools, jobs, shops etc? Know nothing about Peterborough at all!


EauRouge Wed 19-Oct-11 10:19:24

Hello! I live near Peterborough so I might be able to help out. Stanground is not the nicest part of Peterborough but not the worst by a long stretch. Some streets are nicer than others, I think the newer parts are nicer. There are some nice villages within easy reach if you fancy somewhere more rural. Whereabouts will you be working?

There's a big secondary school in Stanground, I think it recently got funding for some new facilities. Some people nearby prefer to send their DCs to Sawtry (a village about 5 or 6 miles away). Not sure which is better because my DDs are not school age. Kings is a popular school but tricky to get into (if you are church-goers then it will be easier). Peterborough High is the only private school. Stanground also has a primary school, sure start centre and a council-run play centre that has an after school club.

There are a few supermarkets near Stanground (large Tesco and a new Morrisons) and it's not far to the city centre.

Jobs are pretty scarce around at the moment, there are a lot of manual jobs so it depends what area you're looking to work in. There's a big new hospital, that might have something going.

Hope that helps a bit.

playthedayaway Wed 19-Oct-11 10:23:07

Thanks EauRough, doesn't sound any worse then where we are, about the same really.

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