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Bibbit Sat 15-Oct-11 14:19:10

We are visiting next week for four days. Near Antrim, but have car. Any ideas of places to visit for a 6 year old and 3 year old? Especially wet weather options smile
(Like the look of streamvale farm!)

SquirtedZombieJuiceUpNose Sat 15-Oct-11 17:27:45

I would really recommend a trip to W5 in the Odyssey, Belfast. I guarantee your DC will love it! And it's indoor, which is a plus cos it's to rain here all if next week and it's cold. It's a good day out. here

The Ulster Museum in Belfast is also a good day out. It's nothing at all like a museum we were dragged round when I was wee. There's touchy feely things, and a real Egyptian mummy, it's very good. I think it won some sort of big award recently, but I'm a bit vague on the details.

Streamvale is good too.

I have to go now, will have a think for other things. Do you want something for every day you are here? For yourself, there's some good shopping in Victoria Centre in the city centre.

Bibbit Sat 15-Oct-11 18:17:50

Wow many many thanks! The W5 looks amazing! And I have heard good things about museum (racks brains). I am sorry to hear about weather sad I thought if it was nice we could go to a garden in Newtownards that I saw on gardeners world last week-lovely autumn colours apparently! but any other wet weather suggestions would be most welcome, probably won't get shopping but maybe a bit of cake eating!
Do you know if it's half term next week on northern Ireland?

SquirtedZombieJuiceUpNose Sat 15-Oct-11 18:49:06

The garden you are talking about is probably Mount Stewart, a national trust property outside Newtownards. It is beautiful. If you are going down that way, then another 30 minutes in the car would take you to a town called Portaferry, where the DC would like Exploris. It's a sea life centre with a touch tank. In that town there's also a car ferry across Strangford Lough, which my DS loves for novelty value, across to a town called Strangford, which has lovely sea food pubs for meals. You could either drive the long way round to get back to Ards, or take the ferry back. By long way round, I mean about 40 minutes, we don't drive long distances here! The ferry takes 10 minutes max, but it's so old fashioned the kids love it. You park the car on open deck, get out and watch the seals in the water on the way over, then run to get back in the car before other drivers start beeping horns, or driving round you! Good fun!

mount Stewart


strangford ferry not a very good picture

SquirtedZombieJuiceUpNose Sat 15-Oct-11 18:50:16

Sorry forgot to answer your question. No it's not half term here until Halloween week.

Bibbit Sun 16-Oct-11 08:52:34

Thanks so much!

Bibbit Fri 21-Oct-11 17:48:49

Well very many THANKS to you! We went to W5 and spent 5 hours there! And the boys wanted to go back everyday we were there! They loved it and without you we might have missed it! We also went to Streamvale Farm for the scarecrow spotting and playpark and animals which they loved too (maybe not quite as much as W5!) didn't make mount Stewart but that's for next time! A hearty thanks to you from us all!

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