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An appeal for friends/adult conversation

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TiarasTimeOutsAndTantrums Mon 10-Oct-11 21:00:51

Hi I have a 2.7month old DS and 16 month old DD. I don't no anyone and I would like to meet people in Milton Keynes and find some groups etc

chickentikkatellmethetruth Tue 11-Oct-11 19:47:47

Hi Tiaras,

Just seen you on another thread mentioning MK.

I'm in MK and have a 3.2 year old DD and a 15mo year old DD.

I've lived here nearly 5 years now and know quite a few people and things to do if you ever want company feel free to PM me smile

GoldenSnitch Wed 12-Oct-11 14:12:18

4.5 year old DS is at School now but 22 month old DD and I are around most days.

What sort of groups were you looking for?

AltMama85 Wed 02-Nov-11 10:13:05

heyy i'm in the same boat, I've got a nearly 7 yr old ds, a 13month old dd and i childmind my 2y/o nephew :D looking for things to do/people to see during the days to keep the youngest entertained while ds is at school. im also thinking of starting up a fun cookery group/coffee morning at my house, maybe a book swap too if anyone is interested. just making bread/pizza/smoothies etc for the kiddos

GoldenSnitch Wed 09-Nov-11 16:52:39

Sounds like fun AltMama

AltMama85 Sat 12-Nov-11 17:07:34

I know!! but actually making these things happen is a different story eh?

GoldenSnitch Mon 14-Nov-11 19:43:24

A very different story smile

meetingfriends Tue 15-Nov-11 20:16:32

I am a single mum with 3 kids,foreign to the UK,love cooking,reading...I'd love to meet another mums...

mkwife Tue 13-Dec-11 10:23:18

We would be happy to meet up too, have 2 boys, aged 1½ and 2½. Happy to do coffee morning or meet at a group.

Newmumsy Fri 06-Jan-12 18:32:36

Hi everyone

Just wondered if you did meet up? Do you meet regularly? I have just become a mum my daughter is 7 weeks and I really would like to meet other mums?

GoldenSnitch Sat 07-Jan-12 21:11:02

We never did - or at least if anyone did, I was't there smile

But it might be nice to try again this year? Does anyone fancy it?

mkwife Sun 08-Jan-12 10:46:53

I would be up for meeting yes, but can only meet Monday and Wednesdays. Anyone got a suggestion where we could meet? I drive so can get anywhere....

Newmumsy Tue 10-Jan-12 21:09:55

How about costa coffee in cmk or Kingston or I have heard Bhs are quite mum and buggy friendly we could meet there. How about next Wednesday at 12pm?

justTheirMum Sun 05-Feb-12 00:28:02

I've just moved to MK and would love to make friends for playdates for both my little ones 3 and 18 months.
Did anyone meet up on the Wednesday?

VanessaSL Sun 05-Feb-12 13:18:47

My due date is 20th feb and i'd love meet another mums..

mkwife Tue 07-Feb-12 23:33:47

Meeting in Costa is not that easy with 2 lively toddlers, maybe we could all meet up at Arabian Gym in Bletchely one morning or afternoon? Toddlers can go play and we can all chat..... I keep forgetting to check on here but now added to my favourites bar so will pop back and see if anyone wants to meet at Arabian?

justTheirMum Thu 16-Feb-12 23:26:46

Hi, I've never been to Arabian, but I'd be up for a coffee and a toddler play session any Thursday or Friday morning.

mkwife Fri 02-Mar-12 00:27:29

Ok so shall we arrange to meet next Thursday 8th March at arabian gym in the morning? Session is 9.30-11.30. £2.75 for crawlers £4.50 for walkers, 50p per adult £6.00 for 2 siblings

llovelife Fri 02-Mar-12 10:36:31

I love that place smile and so does my 2 yr old daughter.
Morning sickness has been so bad lately but i will definitely try my best to come meet up with you all thanks

GoldenSnitch Sat 03-Mar-12 21:56:10

I'd love to come and meet everyone but I can't make Thursday I'm afraid. Have fun and I'll cross fingers that there's another one soon.

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