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Meeting up expectant mums near Canary Wharf

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bunnywhite Wed 05-Oct-11 14:03:02

Hello everyone,

I'm newbie to this forum. Since moving to Canary Wharf half a year ago, I have finding it is really hard to meet and get to know people since I'm pregnant and can't work at this period of time.

I would like to meet some expecting mums, (I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant) for activities together weekly, chat or have a walk, go shoping for baby stuffs etc smile

If anyone here is interested, pls get in touch! Looking forward to meeting you smile

sharonyogabellies Wed 12-Oct-11 21:34:59

Hi Bunnywhite,

Congratulations on you pregnancy - So sorry that you are finding it hard to find new friends. There really are some lovely groups that you can join to help you feel part of the community!

Join NCT Tower Hamlets (and the facebook page). They have a coffee morning every Monday in and around Canary Wharf. A mixture of mums to be and new mummies and mums with bigger babies.

Chatterbox on a Wednesday at 10am - maybe more suitable for mums and babies but still a lovely place to get to know for when your bubba arrives.

There are also lots of groups in Newham and also Greenwich if you are happy to travel around on the DLR. Look at Greenwich Mums on facebook.

Are you registered with a surgery for antenatal care? Ask if they can recommend any classes for you to go to. I do not know your circumstances but sometimes it is possible to get a referral for free or subsidised classes depending on your personal circumstances.

Also, try the ideas store - again there may be some classes you can sign up for while you are unable to work and they will also have activities for you to take part in once your baby has arrived.

Kind regards,
Pregnancy Yoga
Mum & Baby Yoga
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CoolK Wed 19-Oct-11 17:33:00

Hi Bunnywhite,

I'm 20 weeks pregnant with my first baby, due on 8th March. I live on the Isle of Dogs. It would be fab to meet up.. smile

AliBailey Thu 22-Dec-11 10:48:08

Hi CoolK

I live in Bow, E3 and am due 1st March. I am planning to have baby at the Barkantine Centre which is over near you. I am trying to start up a group of mums-to-be due in March. Thought it would be nice to get a little group going. I have found a couple of other ladies due around the same time via Bounty forum. We are thinking of planning a meet up maybe at Westfield Stratford in January. If you would like to meet up too please email me.

Ali x

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