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Jogging / General Exercise buddy, anyone? :)

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ScarletLlama Thu 29-Sep-11 11:50:41

Hi all! My first post on here so I will introduce myself. I'm a 32yo mum of two girls, 4 and 8, and step-son, 5. I moved to Flitwick around a year ago so don't know too many people here yet. I'd really like to meet another mum who's available during school hours to go jogging and maybe cycling with - I might even be persuaded to swim if it's a rainy day ;) I also like to drag the kids out on long walks, so anyone wanting to join would be great.

I was jogging over the summer for a few weeks and got to the stage where I could go 20 mins without stopping, although not having done it for a couple of months I doubt I could go more than 5ish now. I would like to be able to comfortably and regularly run 5k. I guess I am hoping to find someone with similar fitness levels/goals, and hopefully a new friend to have a laugh with and make the whole process more fun, as I would much prefer to sit around eating chocolate and reading a good book than run about on my own!

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