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BeckenhamVic Wed 21-Sep-11 10:41:00

I go back to work soon and whilst I have a nursery planned as backup for my 2 children (1 year and 3.5), I am interested in the possibility of changing to a nanny share or childminder. I am looking for full time care ideally (although could also be interested in 4 days). I can be flexible on start dates, but ideally from December 2011 or Jan 2012. Is there anyone in Beckenham or surrounding area who might be interested?

dobby2001 Sat 24-Sep-11 16:03:53

Hi, if you post this on the main childminder board you might get more viewings. There is a thread there for parents looking for childcare smile

LucyLastik Sat 24-Sep-11 16:20:28

Are you bothered about dogs in a childminding setting?

chewydel Fri 03-Aug-12 11:08:39

I'm sure you have your childcare sorted out at this stage but if not, please let me know. I am seeking a nanny share in Beckenham as well.

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