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3Babes Sun 18-Sep-11 14:08:35

Hi.We are hoping to move to Taunton soon and would like any feedback on the nicest aresa to live.We are open to either living in Taunton or any villages within 5 or so miles.Whats Taunton like as a place generally?We have 3 kids aged 7,5,and 1 and are hoping that they would really love this move to Taunton and Somerset as a whole.Thanks

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BusyDoinNothin Tue 11-Oct-11 20:10:51

hi, might be a bit late in replying but we have lived i tauntn for a while now so thought id give abit of info.
The towns good for shopping, although a lot of people travel to either exeter or bristol (cribs) for a big shopping trip.
Lots of good schools (both primary and secondry) plus 2 colls as well, scat and richard huish. Plus 3 independent schools too.
areas to prehaps stay away from would be priorswood and roman road area (near asdas) mostly council houses, wth a bad rep.
lovely areas are galmington, sherford, blackbrook, staplegrove, trull, bishops hull, and norton fitzwarren,
Not sure about the villages outside taunton, no real eperience there, but the surrounding area is beautiful. The town is at the foot of the quantock and blackdown hills.
lots of things for the kids to do, clubs etc
gyms, golf clubs, cafes, toddlergroups, swimming pools, football etc
hope some of that helps!

LynneSue Fri 21-Oct-11 17:28:47

Hi There
We moved to Taunton in March. I love it. The town is small but compact with lots of individual boutiques and independent shops as well as chain stores.
The hospital is excellent - I work there so should know!
I would avoid Priorswood estate although we live on Priorswood Road which is nice for a main road.
Nice villages include Trull, Staplegrove and Monkton Heathfield.
The bus services are generally excellent during the day but a little sparse at night. The train station is on the mainline to Paddington and Cornwall.
As it isn't a university town there aren't hundreds of students and the pubs generally cater for 25+ rather than the youngsters which is good.
Lovely walks can be had in the Quantocks, Blackdown Hills and Glastonbury area.
Being so close to the M5 it's ideal for getting around too.

Best of luck

Friendlyperson Thu 03-Nov-11 13:59:56

We live in Bishops Lydeard which is a very nice busy little village just outside Taunton with its own primary school and pre-school, doctors, pubs, beavers, cubs, brownies, rainbows, garages, library, church etc. See

If you like new houses try Cotford St Luke

Good luck with the move

Katereen Sun 24-Nov-19 10:58:38

Any africans livin inTaunton please?

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