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Can anyone recommend a nice beach?

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lozwp Sat 27-Aug-11 10:28:47

Hi there, I live in Oxfordshire, but this weekend I'm heading to the Southampton area with hubby and 2 year old dd. Weather permitting, we want to spend a day at a nice sandy beach. However, not knowing the area, I really don't know where to go. I've had a look at the Hampshire council website, but that only helps so much- a recommendation would be much more useful I think. I have read about Hayling island and Calshot...??

We want somewhere with cafes / restaurants where we can go for a bite to eat at lunch. Can anyone recommend anywhere?

If anyone knows of dog-friendly beaches that also fit this criteria then that would be good as the in-laws might come and might bring their dog.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

Many thanks


maggi Sat 01-Oct-11 07:59:59

Southampton is stony beaches.
But if you can travel.....
Hengistbury head is 50 mins away and one of my favourite as it has history, walks, sandy beaches, a land train (not a garish touristy one) for the mile walk to the end of the spit of land, hills and banks for the kids to explore, great climbing trees, a flat level walk full of interest, or an uphill route over the open hill, a basic cafe by the carpark, a designer cafe near the end of the walk a pub at the very end, marshes, wildlife, a natural harbour or the open sea, a ferry across to the very close town of Christchurch which is full of charm and restaurants and there are plenty of dog walkers.

West Wittering is bril for acres of sand when the tide is out but you need to travel for a restaurant.

Studland is further afield but very beautiful.

MrsSnaplegs Sat 01-Oct-11 08:01:44

Agree you need to go west of Southampton really not east

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