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Any Information on Burnham on Sea Welcomed

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4fishes Thu 25-Aug-11 03:35:39


We are looking to move nearer to my husband's new job and the nearest place we like at the moment is Burnham on Sea/Highbridge.

I have children aged 11 and 8 and was wondering what the schools were like? I know there is a Secondary School called 'King Alfreds' which going by the OFSTED report a couple of years ago is improving since the new 'Head' arrived but wondered if anyone knows what it is currently like? I have seen a good Junior School which had an outstanding report which sounds good.

Can anybody tell me what the area is like and what/where to avoid looking for houses? I've noticed there are some new houses going up in Highbridge.

The trouble is, we love where we live now, so it has to be the right place and any advice would be welcomed. I also have to think about good Dr's, Dentist, Hospitals. Sorry for so many questions but it's all going around and around my head at the moment, that's why I'm typing this at 3.30 in the morning!!!

Thank you.

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