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Rude mums / childminders at mother & toddlers group

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pamdev Tue 23-Aug-11 16:07:47

Today I'm pretty annoyed. I walked out of a toddlers group as I was angry at how my friends and I have been treated for a number of weeks now. I attended for a few weeks before the holidays and it was pretty awful then (no one would talk to us, explain how things ran). I hoped this would have improved after the holidays but if anything was worse. clearly it was assumed we know how it ran (how can we when NOONE would talk to us, it was so bad we had to ask if we were sitting on the wrong seats one day as clearly we were doing something to annoy the group of females).I can not believe how a small group of woman can make you feel. I have actually returned home from that group in tears before and when saw how it was today decided no more. I attend a lovely group on another day and I am confident I'll find somewhere else but stunned at how rude some females can be.

irvinemum Wed 07-Sep-11 12:14:58

yes when i first moved to my area it was like this i feel like crap but some people can be so mean i use come back from my girl playgroup cry i try so hard to fit in and i done same as you and try a new playgroup where i feel so welcome so you are not alone

juniperSnowdrop Tue 20-Sep-11 17:04:34

I live in a rural part of Kilmarnock and It took over 5 months before anybody even spoke to me at playgroups. I was always the Mum whom nobody spoke to standing at the nursery gate and feel areas such as this have a clichey mentality (to be polite) It is such a shame because the situation has not really got any better. My lil man has attended one of the local nurseries for over a year now and he only had one invite to any of the 30 strong childrens birthday parties. The singular and solitary one invite came from a lady I had not even said hello to once and she invited ALL the children to her sons party. I have no idea why women can be so mean at times. I moved here on my own with my son and I feel very isolated. I have tried my best to be friendly to these women but the harder I tried the more I felt I was being talked about behind my back. I no longer wish to bother with the group but unfortunately there is little else in the village.

dranksinatra Tue 14-Aug-12 11:51:05

forget trying to hang around with dont need them, but did you not consider putting yourself out there a bit?
rather than tears, just ask!

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