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Any other first time (pregnant) mums?

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Ottowoo Sat 20-Aug-11 11:18:39

I'm due to have my first baby on 4th October (ish) and thought it might be nice to find other pregnant or new first time mums.

With all the excitement of pregnancy, labour and birth, I have suddenly come to realise that I have always worked all week and soon I will have 5 days a week to fill with hopefully more than feeeding and changing.

My hope is to get a little group that could meet once per month to escape the mother-in-laws for perhaps a coffee in Braintree, Chelmsford, etc.

I have used this before so not sure what else to put.


TsaMidEssex Sun 28-Aug-11 12:40:12

Hello Ottowoo, congratulations on your pregnancy.

I'm the local Tsarina for Mid Essex - I've only just started but I'm really hoping that we can make this region a bit more lively on MN. We had our first (small) meet up at the start of the summer holiday and I'm hoping to arrange another soon - do please keep an eye out for info, and let me know your ideas.

I'm hoping that some other local MNers add their posts to your thread, but in the mean time here are a couple of ideas you could try.

Have you joined the October Baby Bus in the MN antenatal clubs topic? You should get some great support and maybe find some Essex mums-to-be who haven't discovered the local site yet.

Your local Children's Centre should have lots of activities and coffee sessions that you and your baby will be able to join in. It might be worth looking here to find the Centre nearest to you.

You could also contact your local NCT branch - they often have coffee mornings for new mums.

I hope this information is useful - and if you do find any groups in your area that you'd like to recommend, please let me know and I'll add them to the local directory.

Suzeshoe Fri 16-Sep-11 20:52:05

Hello, I am due 28th November, but soon plan to start Mat leave on 1st Nov, and live just outside of Chelmsford. There are several bumps and babes clubs in the local area which I plan to attend to meet new mums prior to the birth (if not early!). Also look up NCT as suggested, they have regular get togthers all over, a great chance to meet new people.

mancityslicker Thu 22-Dec-11 23:18:23

Hi - how do you find the baby clubs anyone, im in chelmsford but finding it quite hard - simply want coffee and chat with other new mums . Dont want NCT route though

hidinginthecupboard Thu 22-Dec-11 23:34:27

Hi - I have seen this website recommended before There is also a magazine called Kidaround that you can pick up in various places (doctors, nurseries, maybe library?)

The library in Chelmsford has baby & toddler rhyme and story sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday which are very popular so you might meet other mums there? There is also a nice baby & toddler group at the Baptist Church near the station on a Tuesday but you might need to ask to go on a waiting list as they are popular - worth it though the organisers are lovely and its only 50p!

hidinginthecupboard Thu 22-Dec-11 23:36:47

Sorry - forgot to say congratulations on your pregnancy OP, maternity leave is but a distant memory for me - make the most of it!

mancityslicker Fri 23-Dec-11 00:02:22

Thank you - thats really helpful, Ill look up the library - trying to make more of it now - been difficult as found the nct route isnt for me (very competitive!!) and need more relaxed environment for me and the babies. Thanks again, new year new checkout!

chelsea11 Sat 11-Feb-12 23:13:48

Hi, I'm also pregnant (due August) and was also wondering if there were any relaxed groups or possibly yoga sessions. Would be nice to meet other soon to be mums and have a chat! x

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