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Champagne, Chauffeured Punt Tour for 10. Open voucher worth £225 - OFFERS?

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DogsBestFriend Tue 16-Aug-11 14:30:49

I have a voucher for a fully chauffeured 60 minute punting tour of the Backs,
with champagne served, for 10 people. The tour's run by Scudamores and can be taken at any time between now and 31st May 2011, Mon-Fri. Booking can be arranged quickly and Scudamore's is open from 9am until dusk so the guided punt trip can be taken day or evening.

The value of this voucher is a minimum of £225 - see Scudamore's website for more details.

Would anyone like to make me an offer for it? All will be happily considered,
please just pm me.

I'm scared of water and don't drink champagne so I'd far rather someone enjoyed messing about on the river with their friends and family and I was able to donate some of the proceeds to my favourite organisation - Poplar Farm Rescue Kennels, an independent NO-KILL dog rescue near Ely - than it went to waste.

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