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Advice needed for potty training toddler who is traumatised by pooing!?!?

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natarank Wed 10-Aug-11 15:35:04

my 2.4 year old daughter is ok when it comes to weeing on potty/loo, but very stressed leading up to doing a poo (either on potty or loo). I think it's the feeling of wanting to go that stresses her so much. Eventually she can hold it in no longer and will have an accident on way to loo then get upset despite me reassuring her that it doesn't matter. I've tried reading to her, singing, tv etc and lots of cuddles but nothing seems to help! Anyone got any too tips for me please as very upsetting seeing her go through this! I should mention that I've got a 7 wk old baby too but not sure if it's about him?!

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