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dolls clothes

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ali11 Sun 07-Aug-11 13:17:25

Hello there
i live in dundee and I am thinking of starting to knit these for christmas to sell perhaps on ebay I was thinking about £5 a outfit these would be for baby anabel, chou chou, baby born, that sort of size also thinking of making doll pram covers and pillows to match. do you think this would work anybody give me any feedback would be appreciated

ali11 Sun 18-Sep-11 17:06:31

have put some outfits on ebay. would appreciate some feedback to what you think of them

ali11 Sun 18-Sep-11 17:13:20

forgot to say my ebay is whatson0

curlycreations Sat 01-Oct-11 13:20:23

yes give it a try
why dont you do new born or premature stuff cozz theyd be quick and you could judge the market without too much out lay and graft if its not popular
the wool shops seem to sell those fluffy hats or big pom pom ones and they arent that cheap

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