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Schools in hove,portslade,hangleton

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melz32 Wed 03-Aug-11 11:16:58

Hi,we are a family with 4 children thinking of moving to the Hove,portslade area.
If anyone could offer any advise on schools areas etc,that would be realy helpfull.
Our children are 11,9,6 and five,so i would need a senior school and primary.

rachelstephens Thu 04-Aug-11 17:28:38

i live just south of the hangleton road and love it around here. good primary schools are hangleton and goldstone (tho both popular so you might not be able to get in immediately). blatchington infants and juniors is a a really nice school despite the bad press it gets but is a bit of a pain to get to unless you live right up at the back of hangleton. if you live within the hove boundary (which includes hangleton) you have much better chance of getting into either hove park or blatchington windmill secondaries. if you move to portslade there is a bit of an issue with primaries depending on whereabouts you are and portslade community college would be the secondary which gets a bad press but i don't know how justified that is! good luck

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