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Cardboard boxes - where to get them?

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umf Tue 02-Aug-11 16:52:28

Where can I buy some big cardboard boxes in/near Cambridge? Or is there somewhere good to buy them online?

Need to declutter house before putting it on the market.

Many thanks!

CestTout Wed 03-Aug-11 11:59:40

Depends whereabouts you are? Store place does them on Coldhams Lane, also quite possibly the place at the leisure centre on Hills Road/Cherry Hinton Road? There is also a place in Girton that sells them.

Coldhams Lane

Leisure Centre


umf Thu 04-Aug-11 19:06:39

Thank you!!

An0therName Sat 06-Aug-11 20:48:24

look/post on freecycle?

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