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Fundraising event in St Albans for pre-schoolers for East Africa famine: top tips

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Wigeon Tue 26-Jul-11 21:16:47

A friend has come up with an idea to hold a fundraising event for the East Africa famine following conversations we have both had with our three year olds about the situation there: a disco afternoon for pre-schoolers, along the lines of the Baby Loves Disco events. It would be held in a "proper" venue (eg a local nightclub or nice venue, donated for free of course) rather than a church / school hall. There would be proper music, eg disco, motown, Kylie, modern pop. No children's TV themes or other "kids" music. As St Albans is chock full of mothers in their 30s, many with professional careers money, and many of whom were frequent frequenters of nightclubs pre-children and (we hope) would love to come to this kind of event with their children.

Any top tips about holding this kind of fundraising event?

Other thoughts so far:

Charge £5 (£10 is too much?) per child for entry.

Have a proper DJ (giving his time for free).

Hold it maybe at Batchwood? (although neither of us has actually been there). Or the town hall? Or somewhere else nice in St Albans?

Hold a raffle with nice prizes donated by local businesses (eg a night in the local posh hotel, a treatment at the nice spa in town, a case of wine from the local wine merchants etc).

Have some sort of other money-making things at the event too - not sure what. Balloon race? Something else?

Have some sort of information on the famine actually at the event - how to do this for a pre-school audience?

Make as much money as possible for as little effort as possible (although totally appreciate some effort will be involved!).

Give all the proceeds to Oxfam, or Save the Children, or the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Any one with experience of doing this kind of thing?

porcupine11 Tue 26-Jul-11 21:22:29

You might be missing a trick limiting it to pre-schoolers when the summer holidays are on - why not make it whole family?

The nice prizes part can work well for some fundraising events, but it might be a bit 'us and them' when directly linked with famine relief - it sort of emphasizes how much we do have (esp in St Albans)

I'd totally bring my kids to a kids disco though. Town hall is hopeless for parking prams though, would need to be somewhere walkable and buggy friendly.

Wigeon Wed 27-Jul-11 18:57:36

Thanks for your reply! We are thinking of holding it in October (think it will take a while to organise). Totally see what you mean about the "us and them" thing, although maybe it's a good thing to remind people how much we have.

Ah yes, town hall not good for buggies - good point.

Very good to hear that you like the idea in principle. smile

Any other St Albanians out there with views on this?

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