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West Bridgford: Leahurst Road and Abbey Road preschools

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Nonicknamesleft Tue 26-Jul-11 09:47:43

Does anyone have any experience of these two preschool settings? I'm looking at either one for my three year old dd. I slightly prefer one to the other, but the other is much more convenient for general drop-off etc schedule, and dd v keen on it.

Any first, second, third hand etc experience welcomed, thank you.

defineme Sun 31-Jul-11 19:08:22

Have known lots of kids that have gone through Leahurst road and enjoyed it. Is Abbey Road the one that's actually on the site of the school? That's new so I don't know anyone who's used it.
My kids needed lots of space so I used the one at Rushcliffe Arena as they accessed the enormous soft play there, but it did mean they didn't know that many kids when they started Abbey Road. Leahurst Road was the feeder preschool for Abbey Road so that gave them a good friendship start. However, they all make friends in the end!

Nonicknamesleft Tue 09-Aug-11 21:24:44

The Abbey Road one is actually the one that used to be at Rushcliffe Arena, which is to say the RA team have moved to the new premises, taking it as a going concern, and a lot of the kids have moved with them. The facilities are different obviously. Were you happy with the people running it and the activities in general, soft play notwithstanding?

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