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Expecting first DS 9/9/11 and would love to meet some likeminded mummies

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BellaBells Mon 25-Jul-11 01:08:30

There doesn't seem to be a huge amount of meet ups in the fulham/sw6 area which is quite disheartening as I am pretty sure there are loads of you out there!? I have recently moved from sw7 where there were handfuls of groups... A postcode change can't make that much difference surely.

I'm 25 and am expecting my first baby boy on sep 9th by c section. My DP is self employed so works rather annoying hours so I can get quite bored on my own.

Any other expecting/ new mummies who would like to chat or meet up?

kcj748 Tue 26-Jul-11 13:03:51

Hi BellaBells,

I'm not in the sw6 area but I'm not far. We live in Notting Hill at the moment but about to move to Shepherds Bush. I'm a young mum like you, having my first (a boy as well!) on 5th November. You are probably looking for mums that are a bit more local to you but would be happy to chat anytime! I don't know about you but none of my friends are having babies yet so I don't have many people to chat to about the ins and outs of pregnancy, babies etc!

Are you working at the moment or an at home mum (to be!)?

BellaBells Sat 06-Aug-11 14:02:33

Hi kcj, sorry for late reply!! I'm not partial to meeting people who are over the border, the more the better. Do you have an email we can chat on as I don't check MN that often (hence the late reply). If you don't mind then email me on
I have actually been suffering with contractions/BH for over a week now and my dr thinks the little man could be arriving next week by c section as im in so much pain. He also informed me that he's measuring as 36 weeks, not 34 like I was told on my dating scan confused I've done some research and apparently it's quite common to be 2 weeks out. Anyway would be great to hear from you, completely agree that it's hard to talk to friends about heartburn and stretch marks! Hope you and little one are well x

lunkie Mon 08-Aug-11 22:18:12

Hi all you mums to be!

I remember this last bit so well: exciting, scary, can't wait for it to be over, to see the LO's face

I know you have alot to think about at this time, but here is something that might interest you.

I am hoping to meet a mum in central or west London who would be prepared to allow me to observe her and her baby. I'm about to start my first year of psychotherapy training and we do a baby observation course. I would like to find a mum who would be willing to let me come to her home for one hour a week from around when the baby is a few weeks old until next July. I just observe the baby and you, interacting or whatever, in order to learn about a baby's development. I do not get involved, I am not judgemental, I do not give advice. I just observe.

Every trainee psychotherapist does this course and I have heard lots of heartwarming stories about babies and mums who have been observed. It seems to be a positive experience for all concerned - "my observer is the only person who is as interested in my baby as I am" is what one mum said.
I have accreditation from the BAP and a full CRB check. I also have 3 children myself, now of uni and past uni age, but oh yes, still around (actually, it's lovely!).

If you are interested, or would like to know more, please do message me.

Thanks for reading!


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