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A good place for children???

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littlewater Sat 23-Jul-11 18:15:42

do you think Plymouth is a good place to have, and raise children??


Devendra Mon 25-Jul-11 15:21:32

Yup, I moved here 15 years ago and have a 16yr old and a 4 year old. Plymouth is more like a big village than a city

OpinionatedPlusSprogs Mon 25-Jul-11 15:28:04

It's a great place to raise kids. There's loads of things to do and places to go. We are close to beaches and the countryside and have lovely parks and the Hoe.

Pavlovthecat Mon 25-Jul-11 15:28:56

waves at Devendra !

yes it is. I have a 19mth old and a 5yo. It is great because
1. there are beaches and countryside locations within easy grasp, which is accessible by car and also by public transport
2. There are plenty of parks, with lots of green and trees and good safe play areas - this is improving as well.
3. There are toddler groups, clubs for older children, and plenty of activities for children to do, during term time and also in holidays
4. It has a good mix of city life and rural location, if you are mindful to access it
5. It is by the sea so the air is relatively fresh despite the road works
6. There are excellent nurseries/pre schools and also excellent primary and secondary schools, lots to choose from. Even the 'crap' schools are often good
7. As my children are growing, I am loving it here more and more tbh. I have been her for 15 years same as Devendra and consider it to be home.

PotterWatch Sat 27-Aug-11 20:15:39

I do think the place itself is lovely, easy access to many good things like the Hoe, beaches, the moors etc. But I would be wary of certain areas. There are some places I wouldn't touch with a bargepole and schools are something you need to consider. There are many schools that I would not send my children to, many of which are in the area I live unfortunately. They may have good ratings but after speaking to many mum friends, it is clear that some schools are to be avoided.

I have lived in Plymouth all my life, it is a nice place to be. I find it astonishing that there are people in the country who have never been to the beach. Definitely something I take for granted. However, If I could afford to live somewhere else and my family and friends were not all here, I would move away. The wages are low and the cost of living is high. I would love to go to Poole, Weymouth, Southampton, Bournemouth or even somewhere quite small like a village in Cornwall, although we definitely can't afford that.

gerisue Tue 30-Aug-11 12:29:23

The Parents Guide to Plymouth website has just been updated and re-launched, 9 years since first appearing on the world wide web. It has a very comprehensive calendar and you can sign up for a fortnightly newsletter of events and activities in the area. We also welcome feedback from local parents to ensure accuracy and relevance. There is a Facebook group at Parents Guide to Plymouth UK

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