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Anyone aware of Schools admissions appeals of any level that have included the Wanstead A12 Bridge?

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darners Wed 20-Jul-11 16:15:43

I am in the process of appealing / dealing with Redbridge re my daughters primary admission. They refuse to accept responsibility for the non inclusion of the bridge that crosses the A12 which has then caused us to be loacted an additional .5miles from our local school with the route provided.

It would really help to know if any other parents have ever had to raise the bridge as an issue / suitable route for their children's journeys to school?

Any comments greatfully received!

firsttimemum77 Wed 03-Aug-11 21:34:24

Hi - not a personal experience but a friend had an appeal and she mentioned the bridge. Apparently the bridge will not be used as part of the GiS routing system until the new rounds of allocation and therefore will not have disadvantaged anyone in the allocation rounds that have just taken place.

Had the bridge been used to determine your place would the .5 had made a difference in relation to the last distance offered??

I think that had the bridge been used in some cases and not in others then there would have been an issue. However it was not used at all so therefore I don't think a case can be bought against the LA. I did read an article in the paper about this issue last week and the parents seemed to be suggesting that the school in question was their 'catchment' school, but catchments for Primary in Redbridge don't exist - it's done on distance.

Sorry can't be of help.

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