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Which school for learning difficulties?

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expat123 Tue 19-Jul-11 07:43:24

Hi All
We're in a bit of a pickle. New to Richmond and my 5 year old daughter has been in Reception at Holy Trinity for 4 months. Not our first choice - we wanted The Vineyard or Marshgate - but she loves the school and we are really happy with the warm atmosphere and parental involvement. She is very behind with reading, writing and talking, which has been an ongoing issue, nothing to do with HT teaching. Yesterday we got offered a Year 1 place at Marshgate and now I don't know whether to move her away from friends and a school that she loves in the hope that Marshgate can offer her more support with her learning issues. We haven't visited Marshgate, as every time I tried to book a place on a school tour, it was full and they will not do a one-on-one tour unless we accept a place first. Has anyone had any experience at Marshgate or The Vineyard (or indeed Holy Trinity) with a child suffering learning delays or difficulties? We just want to do the best for our child, but don't want to disrupt her schooling or upset her unnecessarily by uprooting her. She's already made many friends.
Any responses would be greatly appreciated. I need to call Marshgate back today with a yea or nay on the place and am in a real quandary!

castlesintheair Wed 20-Jul-11 13:45:20

I think you need to go and have a look around Marshgate before you make a decision about moving your child. If she's really happy at HT and has friends, can they/you not look into providing her with the extra support she needs? Does she have an IEP or is she on Action Plus for example? Whilst Marshgate truly is an outstanding school (I have 3 DCs there so know what I'm talking about) she will not necessarily receive better support there without any of these things in place, or indeed a statement if that proves necessary. HT is rapidly becoming a school of choice in our area (it wasn't 5 years ago) and with their recent investment and developments, I see no reason why she cannot be supported there just as well as at Marshgate, or anywhere else within the Borough.

Also, something to bear in mind that going into Year 1 at Marshgate there are 3 classes owing to the bulge year so it is busy!

islandhaze Wed 20-Jul-11 22:58:17

expat123 : We are also new to Richmond, and also have the same problem. We just moved here from Denmark. And my daughter understands English, but she doesnt speak so well...not talking about reading and writing. I was thinking about hiring a private teacher to help her to catch up...If anybody has information about that , would be really great to know.

Kewcumber Wed 20-Jul-11 23:08:59

island in My sons reception (Kew riverside) there are two childrne fom Japan one of whom arrived about 2 months before she started school and spoke no England at all. My son informs me that she doesn't stop talking now! I would try not to worry about it most of the schools around here have reasonable experience of non-english speaking childrne as it has a high turnover of expats.

islandhaze Wed 20-Jul-11 23:38:56

Kewcumber That really good to know. I hope she will catch up quick smile

Kewcumber Thu 21-Jul-11 09:39:29

Of course she spoke no "English" blush - honestly English really is my mother tongue!

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