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Snap 4 Kids in Chesterton

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Gimboid Fri 15-Jul-11 22:31:20

Hi, does anybody have any views on this nursery? I'm looking for childcare around the Chesterton area. Thanks

LaCerbiatta Mon 18-Jul-11 12:25:35

Dd went there for one year, 4 years ago.

The baby room was lovely, it had a separate room with cots, which many don't. The staff was nice and friendly.

On the down side, the manager wasn't very nice. The staff complained about her (those I managed to talk to after they left). I often complained about the ratio not being right and her reaction was always a bit agressive...

Also, there's very little outside space. The rooms have to take it in turns to play outside.

The other thing we didn't like is that they have a TV in the pre-school room and use it a lot in the afternoon.

HTH. I'm afraid it's not too positive... but bear in mind that this was 4 years ago and things may have changed.

Good luck

LaCerbiatta Mon 18-Jul-11 12:26:30

The butterfly nursery seemed to have good reviews at the time (on Elizabeth way)

wildstrawberryplace Wed 20-Jul-11 16:50:35

DS went there for a year and I moved him before he went into the preschool room. He was fine in the Tweenies room (for ages 1-2) as he had a vibrant key carer there, who has now left, but I moved him to another nursery once he moved up to the next group.

The staff were all very young, often seemed bored and tired when I came to collect DS and I just felt that they didn't engage him or play with the children much. Some of the staff were very nice of course but the general feeling of the place was just kind of tired and floppy, and scruffy.

They also had problems implementing the EYFS stuff and the problems seemed to filter down from management.

However, I have a friend whose DC is there and she seems happy with it.

Horses for courses I think. Have you considered:

Butterfly (Elizabeth Way)
Cambridge Day Nursery (Milton Rd)
Sunflower Nursery (Victoria Rd)

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