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Hello Shelford and Trumpington mums

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indeed Fri 15-Jul-11 13:18:13

Hello MNers, we are moving to great Shelford in august and am after any hints/tips for local, cyclable (is that a real word?) day trips over the summer hols. Got two girls 4 & 18mos who love parks/farms/paddling pools - all the usual stuff! Am new to both the area and cycling (well have dabbled but am horrifically unfit) so nothing too far or uphill!! Thanks lots.

Also My (almost) 4 year old starts at fawcett nursery in September too, so keen to meet other nursery attendees over the holidays too. Her interests include scooters, building dens, high drama tv like octonauts, and scanning the shopping at tesco. If that sounds like your child's ideal afternoon then please get in touch. Thanks .

homeedmam11 Mon 01-Aug-11 13:26:47


Im not from either area, but am Cambridge and just thought Id say

MotherofBears Mon 01-Aug-11 15:58:54

Hi Indeed,
There are sessions being run by Fawcett Children's centre over the hols that would be suitable for both your Girls- specifically the ones being run on Lammas Land (in Cambridge) on Thursday mornings, but there are other sessions running. I'll be starting a pre-school music group in Trumpington from Septmeber too- PM me if you're interested in any of the above...
Hope all goes well with the move...

AuntieBulgaria Mon 01-Aug-11 22:34:41

Indeed -
I have pm'd you. DD can offer extensive knowledge of Peppa Pig episodes, climbing through brambles in search of 'nuts and berries' and making up extensive ballads about tragically orphaned children.

If we meet, she will refuse to do any of these things for the first 1h45 mins of any given play date and then suddenly go all sociable just as you're getting ready to leave.


indeed Tue 02-Aug-11 20:22:08

Ladies please excuse the delayed response. I had given up hope and was sat forlornly picking dried mash out of my shoe.

But, like buses (no offence), three of you have come along at once. I am rather excited.

So Homeedmam hi and thanks! MOB - thanks re session info, please do send me music info and perhaps I will see you at Lammas land.

AB, your daughter sounds fab, is she also highly critical of other mums' pasta sauces and does she regularly attend to "emergencies" behind the sofa? I will message you as I am sure they are destined to meet and then completely ignore each other in favour of a one-legged pigeon.

Moving tomorrow and thurs. Quite frankly, holy f*ck.

homeedmam11 Wed 03-Aug-11 12:11:52

Good luck with the

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