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Second time Mums or due Oct 11?

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Mrsdp123 Thu 14-Jul-11 23:26:42

My second child is due in October and I'm not doing NCT this time around (in fact I'm not doing half of the things I did first time around such as yoga, swimming, reading articles etc etc)! Between work and a 3 year old I'm barely keeping tabs of what week I'm at.
I know a lot of Mums locally that I met through the NCT/rhyme times etc that I still see for playdates and wine but none of them are pregnant at this time and I could do with meeting some Mums to be so that baby number 2 has some friends as well or he's going to look very unpopular compared to his brother! I'm still part of the NCT network in SE18 and most of my time first time around was spent locally or Blackheath...

Nads320 Mon 18-Jul-11 19:34:01

Hi my second is due in December and I have a four year old starting primary school in September ( perfect timing or what)
Last time round two of my friends were pregnant around the same time but this time seems I'm taking the plunge on my own.
Spend a fair bit of time around Greenwich and Blackheath too but live closer to Hither Green.
Work from home and am embarking on a new baby related venture so very exciting times ahead

AMoon Sat 13-Aug-11 14:56:11

Just thought I'd let you know there there is a great yoga class in Greenwich (if you find the time!) on Monday evenings at St. Marks. The website is I went along when I was pregnant and met loads of lovely mums (having 1st and second babies). We all stayed in contact and continue to see each other and even go to the mum and baby yoga classes together! I found it a really lovely environment meet other busy mums in the same position as me.

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