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Any recommendations for movers in St Albans?

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Eleanor22 Thu 14-Jul-11 20:35:19

Hello again! Just wondered if anyone has an idea of how much it would cost for a house move in St Albans? We have an average sized 3 bed terraced house of stuff to move across town but with two little kids and full time work it feels like we'd be better off just getting someone in. Any idea how much it would cost and anyone recommend any company in particular?
Huge thanks in advance.

nbee84 Sat 16-Jul-11 09:34:12

It's few years since we moved so I've no idea of prices but Keans were well priced compared to others and were very hard working and helpful.

Eleanor22 Sat 16-Jul-11 20:34:01

Thanks! I will check it out.

porcupine11 Sat 16-Jul-11 20:38:16

I recommend the Small Removal company in Harpenden - they just moved us across the city for about £1100 inc full packing.

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