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Bec32 Thu 14-Jul-11 10:29:01

My daughter has a place to go to Singlegate nursery in Jan 2012. I'm just interested in knowing anyone's opinion of the school as I hear it's changed a bit in recent years. Anyone have their kids in there? If we like it we'll aim to get a school place there too. Anyone else starting nursery next year?


gazzalw Sat 16-Jul-11 13:26:39

It's almost become the 'to-go-go' school in Merton and suddenly after years in the wilderness has become the chichi school of the Colliers Wood Mummy Mafia. Very, very difficult to get into though because of sibling factor. Lots of people who live on the Tooting side of Colliers Wood (the roads beyond Cavendish Road) have had severe problems getting their little ones in.
Our DCs don't go there because it was still not a very good school when EC was at Nursery stage - and although we know parents with children there, still not particularly impressed.
Get the feeling that the Head is a very good tick-box manager!

wobblypig Sat 16-Jul-11 23:07:26

Many changes ahead for singlegate. They have been blackmailed by the council in amalgamating with a failing school so that that school can benefit from Singlegate's experience - particularlt hte talents of the headmistress .

Maarias Wed 24-Aug-11 00:45:34

I have a good friend with a dd at the school and she is very happy with it. She is also about to send ds into nursery there. She is a primary school teacher herself so imagine she knows what she's talking about. Depends what you are looking for really. They are pretty relaxed with learning skills in reception, however I imagine the one class entry is a big bonus. I do hear that they are having a bulge class next year (?). Overall she loves it...although readily admits that it has become terribly middle-class and as someone else said 'chi -chi' so really depends again on how you feel about that...

Bec32 Tue 30-Aug-11 12:13:19

Thanks for the feedback. Always god to get some thoughts from others to make a more informed decision.

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