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Hastings and surrounding areas secondary schools help please!

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Sheeptea Wed 13-Jul-11 18:17:57

hello! We are going to be moving to Hastings as my ds hits 6th form and dd hits year 8. They are both academic and ambitious. Can anyone tell me the best schools in Hastings, St leonards or surrounding area? Thanks smile

Jaquelinehyde Thu 14-Jul-11 18:05:56

Schools in the Hastings and Bexhill area are currently appalling!

The only 6th forms available are at William Parker boys school or Helenswood girls school. Other than that there is a brand spanking new college that has been built by the train station that offers most courses or bexhill college.

School wise I would definately look to Claverham secondary school in Battle or St Richards Catholic school in Bexhill both have excellent reputations and are very popular.

If you have to stay within Hastings and St Leonards you will need to do some serious research as three of the towns secondary schools are badly failing and are being converted into two academies (Filsham Valley, The Grove and Hillcrest). The other two schools used to be middle of the road but have begun to drop drastically (William Parker and Helenswood). If I had to pick one of the schools in Hastings it would be one of those two.

Do you know where abouts you are moving to yet? Maybe I can offer advice on the nearest schools etc.

SandStorm Thu 14-Jul-11 18:11:24

I've heard good things about Claverham although we were out of catchment for it and although not in the Hastings catchment either I would strong suggest you avoid the three Jacquelinehyde has mentioned. Secondary schools round here do little justice to the primary system imo.

Sheeptea Thu 14-Jul-11 23:13:01

Thanks for the replies ladies. That's a little worrying! We were going to move when kids left 6th form where we are now but were thinking of bringing this forward due to financial reasons. Perhaps we need to struggle on for the next 7 years til dd leaves school here then? Why do you think the schools are so bad in the area then? Once again I appreciate you taking the time to reply x

SandStorm Fri 15-Jul-11 17:14:11

I think it's because Hastings as a town is a fairly deprived area. There are some lovely things about it - don't get me wrong, I would much prefer to go to Hastings for a day out than Tunbridge Wells - but overall it's been neglected and the money just isn't there like it should be.

If you're not dead set on Hastings itself there are lots of lovely villages around here and transport links aren't too bad (although my DH may disagree with that on the trains!). Battle is only 20 minutes on the train to Hastings and the A21 is a good fast link road to the M25.

Good luck with the move and the decision!

Sheeptea Fri 15-Jul-11 17:52:35

Sandstorm, we looked in Battle but financially Hastings makes more sense. We really like the town, for all its edginess, and have a number if good friends living there already. Think we will try and stay where we are for now and move down in 7 years as annex. Their education is really important. The only other thing we could consider is private school for dd depending on cost, but ds wants to become a clinical psychologist so would need a decent 6th form.... Hmmm....

Jaquelinehyde Fri 15-Jul-11 18:20:39

Hi again sheep,

Hastings is a lovely town but has large areas of deprivation and has lacked any form of investment until very recently. Things are looking better for the future with the new college, the announced academies and the University centre expanding but the true effect of this investment won't be seen for several years yet.

I would contact William Parker boys school and ask about the sixth form/do some internet detective work and then look at catchment areas for Claverham secondary school which does cover some of the outskirts of hastings and has school buses that run every morning and afternoon. It is worth looking into but you just need to be clever about it all!

If you need to ask any questions then feel free to ask.

Sheeptea Sat 16-Jul-11 00:55:29

Thanks so much, the information you've posted has been really valuable. Dh tells me there is discussion involving a direct train link to London being considered in the future, is this correct?

SandStorm Sat 16-Jul-11 10:37:06

What does he mean by a direct train link to London? There are trains direct from Hastings into Charing Cross, London Bridge, Cannon Street and Waterloo East. Is he looking to get to a particular part of London?

Sheeptea Sat 16-Jul-11 10:52:36

I'm not sure. I think he's heard a new link is being built to speed up journey time?

SandStorm Sat 16-Jul-11 10:57:55

Just spoken to DH (who knows about these things) and I'm afraid there are no plans to have a high speed link. The only way it would happen would be to electrify the line which is the plan (I think) for Ashford but there is no financial incentive for South Eastern to go the same route as most of the profits would go to Southern.

The other thing he said though is not to forget that at Hastings and St Leonards the trains are empty, not really filling up till they get to Battle.

Sheeptea Sat 16-Jul-11 11:03:32

Ahhhhhh right, thanks for clarifying. smile

Jaquelinehyde Sat 16-Jul-11 11:12:06

Haha I have been hearing rumours of highspeed links to London for years and nothing ever comes of it. The rail links aren't that bad really though and hour and a half maximum to central London and if you get on at Hastings you always get a seat! grin

Sheeptea Sat 16-Jul-11 11:56:13

I told hubby about my newly acquired knowledge of high sped rail links (not) being built and he laughed and said I must be really bored. Cheek! Lol x

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