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Trainee Trainee Child Psychotherapist Looking for Mother and Baby (aged 7-8 Months)to Observe

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Piggle67 Mon 11-Jul-11 01:05:38


This is my first ever post, I'm a second year trainee on a Masters Child And Adolescent Psychotherapy course with a college in Hendon called Terapia, (see, which is affiliated to Middlesex University. I live in Croydon with my wife and 11 year old daughter, I work as a Domestic Violence Prevention Worker, running groups out of South and East London.

I am currently looking to find a mother with a 7-8 month old baby , who would be willing to be observed in the family home for an hour a week over 30 sessions. My last Mother and Baby Observation stopped because the couple I was observing moved to Rwanda as part of the fathers job brief with the Foreign Office. I've been struggling to find another baby, being a man , the majority of women and their partners (understandably) are very cautious of having someone of my gender come and observe in the family home on a weekly basis.

If anyone would be interested in having a chat or recieving more information about what's involved, I could forward some further info.

If any Mum was genuinely interested. I would be happy to provide references from the Nursery at which I am currently undertaking a Toddler Observation in addition to paper work from my college and current CRB documentation.

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