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Ladies Wot Lunch?

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cityg1rl Fri 08-Jul-11 20:29:25

Hi there,

I have just moved to Colchester area, I’m 29, married, 3 months pregnant with first baby and feeling very isolated as I don’t know anyone around here.

It would be great to meet new likeminded girlies in the area for lunches, shopping, coffee mornings and general girly chat to escape the hum-drum of housework and daytime tv :-)

Does anyone know of any groups that meet up regularly for expectant mums?

Ttfn x

Milkybrew Mon 11-Jul-11 12:56:08

Hi, it's really quiet round here so I just noticed your post. I'm quite new to mumsnet local so I'm sure someone better will come along with more info soon! Have you spoken to your midwife regarding any mum and bumps groups? If you can get hold of a copy of kidaround mag (library always has it) it has listings for loads of groups so I'm sure you'll find something in there! Congrats on your pregnancy btw! Where abouts in Colchester are you if you don't mind saying?

Al0uiseG Mon 11-Jul-11 12:59:25

I'd research the NCT groups locally, they're your best bet for meeting expectant Mums.

Other than that i'm well past the babystage but have been local for years and like to think I know bloody everything. smile

SGJ Wed 03-Aug-11 22:32:14

Hi! I'm 28 and on maternity leave (1st baby, 8 months) until October if you ever fancied meeting up for a coffee? Not sure about expectant mum groups but there is plenty about when the baby arrives, and I've found my NCT ladies to be brilliant, so would definitely recommend an antenatal course, or the new mums one if you can't get on the antenatal one smile

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