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Nanny share Dulwich Village / Herne Hill

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kandydulwich Thu 07-Jul-11 10:17:41

I'm returning to work in October when my daughter will be 11 months. I'm on waiting list for nursery but know we won't get in for quite a while! So looking at alternatives. I like the idea of a share as I think it's good for my daughter to be around other children. We live in the Village but commute from Herne Hill so anywhere in-between would be ideal, and I'd be happy to consider an option where the other family host if you're on the way to the station. Would also consider family with more than one child, or nanny with own child.

ZoeLynch Tue 12-Jul-11 17:33:31

Hi there I was just on mumsnet to post a share, but saw you are looking for one, so thought I'd get in touch direct ...

We have 2 children - a boy age 4 and a girl aged 2. They will both be at Herne Hill sChool from September (although our daughter will be mornings only). We currently share a nanny with another family (also with one child) but they are moving to the country shortly and we are looking for another child to join the share. Our nanny is wonderful and the kids have really blossomed under her care (she has been working for us for a little over 2 years, but has loads of prior experience).

We would like the kids to be based at our house in Hollingbourne Road, so this might work for you ? We/our nanny is pretty flexible on hours.

Best wishes

Zoe Lynch

Please either email me or give me a call 07881622699.

evejosh Sun 31-Jul-11 09:34:19

hi zoe have you found someone to share yr nanny wiyh yet my son is also attending herne hill school in september

evejosh Sun 31-Jul-11 09:35:38

please contact me if your still looking
eve 07710590140

kandydulwich Tue 09-Aug-11 09:45:12

Just an update. We're still looking as the arrangement we had found has fallen through.

My husband and I would love to find a nanny share starting on October 3rd 2010 for our gorgeous daughter Rosie, who will be 11 months then. We need 4 days a week (Mon-Thu) until the New Year, when we will need 5 days a week.

We live in Dulwich Village and ideally will find a family here or towards/in Herne Hill. We're very happy to consider options where the other family host. And also shares where there are two children in your family, or where the nanny has her own child.

If you are a family looking for, or considering a share, we're a pretty laid back family and our daughter is already very sociable. She loves being around other kids. We love the idea of the closer care of a nanny share but giving her the opportunity to play and build friendships with other children.

If you're a nanny happy to take on a nanny share, are OFSTED registered, have worked in the area and know all the best haunts, and have glowing references, do get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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