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Farnley....any opinions or experience living here?

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BunnyLebowski Wed 06-Jul-11 18:22:29


We're moving house in August. Currently live in Armley but want to move somewhere a bit less 'rough' for want of a better word before DD starts school (She'll be 3 in October). We had been thinking of Rodley or Rawdon but we've been offered a long term let by a friend who's moving to France. Its a a great deal money-wise and would mean leaving out agencies etc which would be great.

However we know nothing about the area (neither of us are from Leeds) and google isn't giving me much smile.

Does anyone have any knowledge on what it's like as an area? Schools? Sense of community? That kind of thing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated smile

isitmidnightalready Wed 06-Jul-11 23:16:03


Used to live in Leeds centuries ago as a student - wisj i still did. All I know is that every other bus in the town centre seems to be the No42 heading for New Farnley.

It definately has good public transport links!

Sorry I can't be more use.

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