Ruislip/Pinner meet up?

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dueApril2010 Wed 06-Jul-11 08:18:11

I have just moved to Ruislip with my husband and 14 month old daughter and am keen to find some new local friends for us. We are in a rented house at the moment and have just had an offer accepted on a house that's Eastcote/Pinner way. I work Mondays-Wednesdays but if anyone out there fancies some company on a Thursday or Friday then please get in touch.
Hope to hear from you soon!

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tsaMymumdom Fri 08-Jul-11 17:31:24

Is your DD at nursery? My son is 3.5 so a bit older than your toddler but I'm around with him on Thursdays sometimes.

westlondonmom Wed 17-Aug-11 18:39:24

Hi, I just moved to south ruislip with my partner and 3 month old daughter. Would love to meet up for coffee or play groups if you know of any.

welshcupcake Thu 18-Aug-11 15:31:35

Hi there,
I have also recently moved to Ruislip and would love to meet other mums in the area. I have two girls, a 13 month old and a 2 year old. I'm free to meet up on Thursdays and most afternoons. If anyone is interested in meeting up for a coffee please get in touch.

dueApril2010 Wed 24-Aug-11 09:01:13

Hi all,
I'm so sorry, I completely forgot I posted this...! Anyone still interested in meeting (I will respond quicker next time, I promise)?

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welshcupcake Sun 25-Sep-11 10:15:38

Hi Jenny,
Would be great to meet up and anyone else who is interested. I will keep an eye on any response, since I too forgot about being on here!

Firawla Mon 26-Sep-11 15:46:27

hi everyone smile im moving in a couple of weeks to eastcote area & would be really interested in meeting up some people once we are there because I don't know many people out there (i do have family there but they work full time and kids are older..) so any meetups, toddler group recommendations or anything like that, would be great! mine are age 3yrs, 21 months, and 7 weeks - all boys.


GSL1981 Mon 10-Oct-11 10:43:40

Hi There,

Bit late on this but if anyone is still keen on meeting up I have a 6month old DD. I'll keep an eye on this thread. Maybe a walk over at Ruislip Lido weather permitting.

From Gem

Firawla Tue 18-Oct-11 18:20:17

hey, im still interested. we have moved here now. never been to ruislip lido so that sounds good to me, i've heard its nice

tsaMymumdom Tue 18-Oct-11 18:27:02

I have a 3 year old boy who is home with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I also have dogs so could walk them first, then meet you at the playground later. Dogs on leads by then but probably wet and muddy !

dueApril2010 Thu 01-Dec-11 21:11:04

Right, I've done it again... left it two months. I'll try clicking the 'watch this thread' link and see if that helps. I'm working Thursdays as well now, so only free on Fridays now sad Anyone free on Fridays and fancy meeting?

tsaMymumdom and anyone else - I have a dog too so if you fancy a walk together...

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Firawla Sat 03-Dec-11 21:34:12

on friday afternoons they have a stay and play at the pinner centre if anyone fancies that, i only went once so far but it seems nice there

KatiePrivateHairStylist Sun 23-Jul-17 19:56:46

Hello Ladies...
Just to let you all know i am a private Hair Stylist based in South Ruislip. I have a toddler and know how hard it can be going to a salon with the little sproglets so I would like to offer you all my hair services at my house where your children can run free whilst i do your hair. Please get in touch for for details. Katie xxx

DuV85 Tue 05-Dec-17 00:58:45

Helllo people.
Its been a year since i have moved to Hillingdon but have not got chance to meetup or know any mums around here. Would be lovely if Any mum's are available to meet Up! I am 32 and have a 14 month baby. I can meet on Monday and Friday and would love to know more about mum's in Hillingdon or near areas.

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