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can anyone recommend a good relationship counsellor in North Bristol?

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anynamesleft Tue 05-Jul-11 23:28:27

I could do with talking to one sad but know that Relate have a long waiting list. So, does anyone know of any other (reputable) counsellors they could recommend.

Many thanks,

cjel Wed 06-Jul-11 21:10:34

Network Counselling in Henbury is great, Not sure if they do relationship but worth a go.

down2earthwithabump Mon 11-Jul-11 11:00:33 is a link to a Bristol based organisation with marriage counsellors in North Bristol. But I would check out their counselling style and credentials as I believe some are better (qualified) than others, and different counselling styles suit different people/situations.


Christine Stratford-Little
Counselling Services & Advice Services (Business at Home) based in the Canynge Square area of Bristol
Tel: 0117-973 9924
Address: 11 Canynge Square Bristol Avon BS8 3LA

Christine is Relate trained but now independent, is very approachable and lovely but not sure of cost these days.

Hope that helps. All the best.

hagridthehamster Mon 18-Jul-11 12:17:04

There is a lady called Dom who is Relate trained that I know but she may be able to see you independently. Her main business is she is truly wonderful!

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