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Hertfordshire vs Buckinghamshire (commuters)

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BananaMuffin Sat 02-Jul-11 15:50:40

No idea where to post this, but looking for some advice/ opinions to help us to gather our thoughts on moving out of London. DH works in City, and we've narrowed the choice down to Hertfordshire (St Albans or Harpenden) or the Beaconsfield/ Gerrards Cross area of Buckinghamshire. Did anyone on here make the same sort of decision? Do you know both areas and have any opinion on which is best for raising a young family? Any views at all much appreciated! We want to retain some closeness to London (lots of friends still here) but move somewhere with good schools (state schools/ grammar school options) and a good village/town centre. Thanks very much!

gettingwise Thu 07-Jul-11 18:56:54

Potters bar, friendly child friendly town, excellent links to London and countryside.Dame Alice Owens school. Have lived here for 11 years and love it!

HenriettaJones Sat 09-Jul-11 16:22:52

I love St. Albans but very biased.
A friend moved from St. Albans to Beaconsfield because although the schools here are good, getting in to them is a challenge, and she found (2-3 years ago) that getting in to the good schools in Beaconsfield (I think actually a village close to there) was more straightforward.
Both places, to my knowledge, very safe, very middle-class, nice environments, good places to bring up kids. So I reckon you'll be happy whichever you choose.

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