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Party for families with babies and small children in Richmond

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RichmondNCT Sat 02-Jul-11 13:39:39


We've organised a party for local families and expectant parents on Sunday 17th July in Richmond and we'd love you to come along!

Having been to a few local fairs we thought there was a gap for those with smaller children and babies, so we've designed this event with parents in mind: every child over a year old gets a snack pack with a drink and the opportunity to join sessions from Diddidance, Twinkle Toes ballet and Little Kickers football while babies 0-13 months can enjoy a Baby Sensory class. The idea is that this then frees up a bit of time for you to have a glass of Pimms (or perhaps a lemonade with fresh mint if you're pregnant) and a slice of cake, put a bid on something fabulous in the silent auction or have a browse round the stalls.

For those of a competitive persuasion we have a family treasure hunt and other games and (fingers crossed) London Fire Brigade will come along like last year and we've been promised some Boden maternity samples which will be perfect for expectant mums.

We have a local sponsor this year so tickets are cheaper (from just £1.50) and we'll be partying for longer. We also have a new venue in Richmond so please check the details before you set off... or better still buy online and get a free raffle ticket worth £1 for every online ticket purchased! Check out the listing here for full details including how to buy tickets. All local parents and parents-to-be are welcome regardless of whether you're an NCT member or not.

We think it sounds like a great afternoon full of fun but it won't be the same unless you come!

Hope to see you there,

NCT Richmond branch

PS 70% of any money raised goes towards helping fund the national postnatal helpline and 30% goes to your local branch who in addition to working in the local community to offer support to expectant and new parents includes a new project to set up a weekly drop-in group to support local expectant and new parents and working with NHS Richmond to look at improving local breastfeeding support. Check out what we do here:

JointhebackoftheKew Sat 02-Jul-11 14:49:15

Sounds fantastic - do we need to book/ pay extra for the little kickers/ twinkle toes sessions, or is that included in the price?

And is it likely to sell out or can we just rock up on the day? (and what if it rains?!) grin

RichmondNCT Sat 02-Jul-11 17:21:03

All sessions are included in the price. The idea is you can come along and just spend your ticket money and still have a great afternoon with some refreshments and entertainment included. This is part of our charitable remit to ensure everyone can join in regardless of income <polishes halo>. That said we will have plenty of lovely things to spend your money on - for example the silent auction always gives great value for money. Lots include a term of children's classes, hair cuts and other luxuries for a fraction of the usual price. There will also be Pimms, delicious cake, a raffle and treasure hunt and other stalls and activities to tempt you.

You can just come along on the day but if you buy in advance online you'll get a raffle ticket worth £1 per online ticket you buy (and I know there are Boden vouchers to be won!). Spaces are not unlimited becase if it rains we're indoors but even then we still have room for lots of people! The online ticketing has been set up so we don't over sell.

If the sun shines we'll be outside and there's a huge field we'll be making use of.

RichmondNCT Mon 04-Jul-11 20:08:26

Monkey Music are coming too and Casting Impressions will be doing baby footprint keepsakes.

All we're missing now is you!

Kewcumber Wed 06-Jul-11 17:22:21

Sadly we are away that weekend but would have loved to have come.

RichmondNCT Wed 06-Jul-11 19:20:20

That's kind of you KewCumber what a shame you can't come! Maybe next year smile

Kewjumping Thu 07-Jul-11 10:08:44

Ah sounds good hope to be there! Will make sure DH drives so I can have a Pimms!

One of my friends wanted to come along but can't make it because of a prior commitment. However, I was raving to her about the prizes that were in the silent auction last year and my plan to nab as many as I could this year grin. She was wondering if the silent auction was going to be open to bids prior to the Tea Party as well as on the day itself so she could put in a sneaky bid or two even though she can't be there on the day?

RichmondNCT Fri 08-Jul-11 23:07:08

Hi KewJumping (great name btw). I'm afraid we can't open the auction earlier due to some gambling licence requirements so you do have to be there to bid or bid by proxy. So you could bid on your friend's behalf (I'm imagining a lot of folks on mobiles like it's the trading floor all trying to outbid each other!!). Last year there was a bit of a bidding war over a particularly nice designer top. It got quite heated grin

We'll be trailing some of the prizes up for grabs on our Facebook page all next week to tempt you. We've already started putting the Boden maternity wear samples up. They'll be in the auction.

Feeling quite excited now. It's going to be brilliant!

Kewjumping Tue 12-Jul-11 10:37:11

Cool, have already spotted the Jolly Day Out tickets! Will take a list of requirements from my friend although may have to be a little bit sneaky as to what I tell her is available on the day so I have a better chance of winning grin!

Will have a sneak look at FB. Fingers crossed the weather is good but that wouldn't have an effect on my cake eating efforts in any event!

RichmondNCT Tue 12-Jul-11 20:11:20


RichmondNCT Tue 12-Jul-11 20:21:08

Great stuff KJ smile We have just got confirmation of a prize worth £200 for a fitness bootcamp in October. That'll help burn off that cake!

Tickets have been selling well so if you haven't got yours yet please go to We are selling on the gate too but priority goes to pre-purchased tickets and the Diddidance session is on early so if you're not in at 2pm you might miss it (we have lots of entertainment and most are doing two sessions if nice weather but Diddidance are just doing one session at the beginning).

Kewjumping Mon 18-Jul-11 12:34:04


Just wanted to say we had a fab time yesterday afternoon despite the weather's best efforts. The cakes were scrummy, the entertainment was fun and I had a very tired DS on my hands by the time we got home. Perfect! Thanks to a everyone who organised it, I'll be looking out for more events in the future!

RichmondNCT Fri 22-Jul-11 20:25:13

Aw thank you for coming! It was a huge job putting it together but totally worth it when we get such lovely feedback. Afterall that's why we do it. That and the thousand pounds we raised for NCT!

Thank you to everyone who came. You made it all worthwhile smile

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