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Crouch End YMCA Fitness Centre Creche

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Bumbles10 Thu 30-Jun-11 17:37:06


I'm new to mumsnet, and new to Crouch End too. I've seen that there is a creche at the YMCA fitness centre opposite the Rokesly Nursery. Has anyone used this?

I went and had a look, and the people seemed lovely and friendly, with a reasonable ratio of children to carers.

However, i didn't like the outdoor area as it didn't look as secure as I'd like. I've never really left my 21 month old son with anyone other than family and friends so am probably just being overly nervous. I really need to start a yoga or pilates class soon for the sake of my bad back, and think it would be easier to motivate myself to do one during the day rather than in the evenings.

Any feedback much appreciated.

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