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Silver Imprints - is it worth advertising on mumsnet local??

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KaranB Mon 27-Jun-11 21:38:56

Hi there, I'm currently on mat leave & I've just set up a little business making silver charms & cufflinks using finger/hand/foot/paw prints. Do you think it's worth paying to advertise on mumsnet local? Is there an audience out there??? I haven't used the local site very much so would appreciate your views! Any ideas of other local places to advertise? Also, if anyone would like to host a jewellery party please let me know (host receives £25 voucher when 4 orders placed). It's just me, I'm not part of a franchise or anything, so small scale events are preferable (I'm also very reasonably priced!). Thanks in advance!! Karan smile

pawsnclaws Tue 28-Jun-11 09:55:44

I don't know about mumsnet local advertising (tbh I don't think I've ever noticed it), but what about in school fete brochures, or having a stall at local fetes? You could also approach local nurseries and see if they're interested.

The only other advertising I notice is the board in Starbucks, I don't know whether that's free or not.

KaranB Wed 29-Jun-11 19:55:15

Thanks for responding! As far as I can see there is only 1 other ad & it's for Hatfield House. Thanks for your suggestions - I'll defo try the board in Starbucks. I've contacted my son's nursery & I'm having a stall at an NCT tea party on Sunday so we'll see how that goes :-)
Let me know if you (or anyone else) thinks of anything else...
Thanks again, Karan

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